Orlando’s The Thirsty Topher: A Good Spot to Hide

One night at Wally’s, a friend suggested the three of us patronize The Thirsty Topher. Had never been there, but my mind was already made up about the place. When I read The Thirsty Topher served craft beer, I imagined a joint containing nasty-tasting beer and hipsters.

I don’t know the correct word describing the Ivanhoe section where The Thirsty Tropher exists. A warehouse district? With an opened garage door as an entrance, The Thirsty Topher appears as a garage turned into a bar.

As we entered, Psychedelic Furs played on the sound system. The small crowd contained folks who looked between thirty and fifty. I didn’t see any hipsters this night. Nor did I hear annoying loud talking. Many readers know what I refer to; the loud talking pretentious types do as if the whole bar just has to hear their opinion.

First drink I sipped was Tampa Brewing’s Reef Donkey, a pale ale drink. It was okay. Nothing to brag about. Yet, it did its job, giving me a buzz.

Next I drunk Innus and Gunn Rum. By this time, Depeche Mode played on the sound system. The drink tasted a little sweet. I had two.

The staff was extra nice. Despite a friend buying my drinks, I don’t see anyone going broke buying booze here. Listed on various chalk boards are the drinks and their percentage of alcohol.
The Thirsty Topher

The Thirsty Topher

Because of its location, I see The Thirsty Topher as a spot to hide. For those who hate hipsters, don’t tell them about The Thirsty Topher. I see The Thirsty Topher as a bar for craft drinkers who avoid other craft drinkers.

Monday thru Thursday, the bar operates between 4 PM and 12 AM. Friday to Saturday, it’s 4 PM to 2 AM. On Sunday, it’s 2 PM to 12 AM.

I plan on returning.


A Must-Attend, November 28 Event: Hallucienda featuring DJ Three

November 28, Orlando DJs Mark Hunt and Atnarko teams up with New York-based DJ Three.

This Friday Nov 28th Hallucienda with DJ Three + Atnarko + Mark Hunt

Named Hallucienda, the Infiltr8:Celebr8 event happens at Orlando’s Sandwich Bar.

DJ Three. Image borrowed from Beatport.

DJ Three originates from Pittsburgh. During his recent international touring, he played a sunrise set at Burning Man. Past residencies include Florida’s Simon’s and New York City’s Twilo.

Also, DJ Three created his new label Hallucienda. The label distributes music by Sunshine Jones and others. Two weeks ago, Sunshine Jones performed at Sandwich Bar.

Away from Downtown Orlando irritation, Sandwich Bar exists in the Milk District behind TG Lee Dairy. No paying for parking. No worries about getting shot.  For a stress-free and good time, I recommend attending this event.   It’s starts at 10 PM.  In order to find a decent parking spot, come early.

San Francisco’s Sunshine Jones Uplifts Orlando’s Sandwich Bar

Last Friday, I witnessed a new experience at Orlando’s Sandwich Bar. San Francisco’s Sunshine Jones sung lyrics and performed spoken word over house beats. Sunshine Jones at Orlando's Sandwich Bar

In a good way, his sermons reminded me of the house classic “Can You Feel It” by Fingers Inc.

In the 1990s, Sunshine traveled with Moonbeam Jones as Dubtribe Sound System.  Since then, he’s traveled the world.

Many people enjoyed the Orlando performance. Some danced and others watched in amazement.

Local trio Queens of Noise opened.

Queens of Noise

As usual, they rocked the house.  On December 13 at Venue 578, they open for Kristian Nairn best known as  Hodor from Game of Thrones.

Closing the event was Atnarko Bear.

Atnarko Bear at Orlando's Sandwich Bar

I always enjoy nights at Sandwich Bar.  Yet, I think Sunshine Jones might be one of the most memorable.

Move to Downtown Orlando’s Suite B Benifits FUNKY Flavor DJ Events

On November 8, FUNKY Flavor hosted a breaks music night at Orlando’s Suite B.


Featured DJ was Merlyn from Miami.


Later on, I found out a local celebrity was among us.  For Orlando Weekly’s 2014 Readers Choice, Leilani won best club DJ.

Kym Piones Susko

The evening’s music featured a mixture of the past and present.  Among the break and house beats, I even heard a Depeche Mode remix.

I previously blogged about FUNKY Flavor’s events at the now-closed Peacock Room. After noticing a bigger crowd during the Suite B. event. I think the move to the downtown lounge benefited FUNKY Flavor.

True enough,it rained a little.

Suite B 11-8-2014 164

Yet, the evening still held a positive vibe.

December 6, FUNKY Flavor returns to Suite B Lounge. I recommend attending.

Photos of EDC Orlando 2014

Last weekend, Electric Daisy Carnival landed on Orlando’s Tinker Field. Every year, the event hosts a line-up of EDM artists and carnival rides. Traveling to other locations like Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, Orlando always gains an experience.

I didn’t go. Couldn’t afford it. Plus one of EDC’s rules ticked me off. Camera’s with removable lenses weren’t allowed. Well, I’m sure there’s a decent explanation for that.

Anyway, I borrowed pics from friends who did go.

This blog is still open. If you have EDC Orlando pics, you can send them to patrickbarne@gmail.com. This blog gives photo credit.


Rosehead Sculptures by Central Florida’s Jamieson Thomas

One Saturday night, I walked into The Gallery at Avalon Island, a Downtown Orlando art gallery.  Later on, I was supposed to photograph a DJ event. Because the event hadn’t started yet, I was now at Avalon Island.

A spoken word event was happening in the cafe area.  Yet, what caught my eye were white human sculptures with words on them.  The heads were roses.

Rose scupture by Jamieson Thomas

A local, Jamieson Thomas was the artist. The art was part of Between Fact and Fiction. Despite the other art present, Thomas’s art was the only one catching my eye. I couldn’t help taking out my cellphone and photograph.

Last day to see the sculptures at Avalon Island is November 15.

Orlando’s Wally’s Named One of the Best Bars Outside of Miami

Recently, Thrillist named Orlando’s Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquors one of the best bars outside of Miami.

“Low-lying building. Check. Windowless. Check. No-nonsense bartenders. Check. It’s the perfect location for all of your clandestine activities.”

(Orlando’s The Courtesy Bar was named too.  Hadn’t been there yet.)

Last Monday, I received my new camera I ordered from eBay, a used Canon 10D.  That same day, we celebrated our friend Jeff Bryant’s birthday at Wally’s.  I brought my camera with me.

Congratulations, Wally’s.  See ya next week.