Aquatic Bass 3: An Exciting Day of Bikinis and Bass

Last Saturday marked a date I shall never forget. Riding with Joe Vaught, I attended Aquatic Bass 3.

Aquatic Bass 3 Flyer

Organized by Corey James and Jason Brown, Aquatic Bass 3 hosted a line-up of Florida DJs. These DJs  mostly played Florida Breaks music.  This event happened at Orlando’s Monumental Hotel.

Previous days of rainy weather caused me low expectations. I imagined the whole day pouring rain.

It even rained the morning of the event.  One guy began posting negativity on the Aquatic Bass 3 Facebook page, telling the organizers to cancel the event. Responding to the post, Corey basically told the motherfucker to keep his negative ass home.

To calm everyone’s fears about the weather, Corey posted a radar pic showing the rain was blowing over.

My Radar Map

At the event, I planned on documenting just like I did last time. Yet, I wound up being the main photographer for the day.

Just like the radar pic indicated, the rain blew over. Sunshine arrived.

Right along with the event, Amy Noon celebrated her birthday.

Amy Marie Noon - The Birthday Girl

As time passed, more and more folks showed up.

If there were any douche bags at the event, it was probably me.  Why?  Because of pics like this. (I asked permission.)

Back view

Keep in mind, the event is a family event.  Folks bring their kids as the DJs offer the best in breaks and other dance music.  In fact, JG$ played the radio-friendly version of 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny”.

Like last time, the whole vibe proved friendly.  Also, new faces appeared.

One of my personal highlights was seeing Spice of Friction and Spice perform with Jason Brown.   For years, I listened to Friction and Spice’s “Step Into My Dreams”, a song included on a compilation CD released in the 1990’s.

(Later on in the week, I found out Jason Brown had a prior history with water.  He and Robert Millward, a photographer who occasionally contributes to this blog, both worked at the Wet N Wild theme park.)

Another event might be planned.  I’m going. So should you, dear reader.


The Milk Bar: Recommended for a Good Alternative Beer Experience

One night, I patronized The Milk Bar, an art bar existing in Orlando’s Milk District.

Orlando's The Milk Bar

In this small bar, local artist’s works hang on the wall. With the help of Victoria Rosario, event promoter Jessica Pawli worked the bar that night. DJing down tempo music were DJ Cub and Jazzthieve.

Milk Bar Orlando Flyer
You won’t find your typical booze here. For me, that meant no Bud Light. For three bucks, I drank Smuttynose Brown Ale. Also, I sampled The Kimmie, The Yink and The Holy Ghost. (That’s the whole name of one beer.) My sample belonged in the sour beer category, booze intended for a tart taste.

Monday through Saturdays, The Milk Bar opens between 4:30 PM and 1:30 AM. Sundays are closed.

For an alternative beer experience, I recommend The Milk Bar.

Witnessing a Cool Event: Body//Talk at Orlando’s Milk District

Last Saturday night, I drove to Orlando’s Milk District, located behind TG Lee Dairy.  I noticed an event happening behind both Sandwich Bar and Spacebar.  After talking with Tommy Mott (owner of Spacebar), I learned about Body//Talk.

Artwork by Weylin Neyra

Artwork by Weylin Neyra

I showed up around 12.

According to a Miami After Dark article, Body//Talk was created by Phil Santos AKA VSN QST. I witnessed a diverse crowd dressed in bathrobes and painted faces. Outside, visuals projected on a car. At Spacebar, bands played. At Sandwich Bar, DJs played mostly house music. Okay, I’ll be honest. I really didn’t pay attention to the music. Yet, I did see people dancing.

October 10, Body Talk happens again in the Milk District.


Witnessing Casey Anthony Lawyer, Jose Baez, at Orlando’s Wally’s


Earlier tonight, two friends and I were boozing at Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquors, a spot located in Orlando’s Mills 50 district. At the bar counter, I was boozing with “Yoda” and Mike. Yoda is a forty-something Filipino-American. His cigar smoking gives the appearance of an Asian Mafioso. Mike is half-Italian and half-Polish, and his youthful looks betray his late forties age. You would think Mike was ten years younger.

I talked to other folks that night too. One was a buddy named Johnny Diggz. Some Orlando folks may recognize Johnny as a musician from Red Fox Lounge. Also, along with Johnny, I talked with a Mexican-American woman and her blonde friend.

Next, I noticed a forty-something Latino guy enter the bar with a dark-skinned woman who appeared of East Indian descent. I’m bad with age. I guessed the woman around late twenties to early thirties. Later on, Mike thought she might have been older.

As the two sat at the bar counter, the Latino guy smiled a I’m-gonna-get-laid-smile.

Patrick, a regular, walked over to us. Just like the Dougs in the movie “Hangover”, Patrick is White Patrick and I’m Black Patrick. Just like Black Doug, y’all better watch that shit when you say it around me.

“That’s the Casey Anthony lawyer,” Patrick said in his deep Southern drawl.

“What?” I answered.

I looked at the Latino guy. As him and his date stood at the jukebox, he was putting in money.

“That’s…” I started.

Yoda held a finger to his lips, signaling me to keep my drunken big mouth shut.

Yep, it was Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s defense lawyer.

Patrick kept mumbling negative about him.

“He was just doing his job, man,” I told Patrick. “One day, you might need him on your side.”

“I just want to give him my opinion,” Patrick said.

“Just let it go, dawg.”

Johnny Diggs left.

Earlier, Mike had picked some music on the jukebox. So, when Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover” came on, I asked Mike did he pick it.

Nope, we realized Jose may have picked the song. That’s why I hate those Internet jukeboxes. For another credit, you can skip other songs waiting to be played. Tonight, Mike may have owned the privilege of having his songs skipped by the infamous Jose Baez. Damn, Jose even did it with a Mariah Carey song.

The blonde I met earlier spoke up.

“Mariah Carey is a one tap wonder,” she said. “You tap her until she hits her high note and leave.”

As his date was drinking a mixed drink, Jose drunk a Heineken.

Normally, here in Wallys’, we would see local, big-time lawyer John Morgan. Tonight, we witnessed the infamous Jose Baez scamming for some pussy.

“Wait until I tell my mother this,” I told my friends. “My mother can’t stand his ass.”

We didn’t stay much longer. As usual, Mike had drove Yoda and I here. Because he had to soon leave, Yoda and I had to leave also.

Yoda and Mike paid the tab. As usual, I was broke. Then, before we exited, I shook Patrick’s hand.

“Tell your mama who you saw tonight,” he said.

I laughed.

“I will, bro,” I said.

Orlando’s St. Matthew’s Tavern: Friendly Service and Decent Drink Prices

Last night, I drove to St. Matthew’s Tavern, a bar located in Orlando’s Mills 50 district.

St. Mathew's Tavern Entrance

Mondays through Friday, the place operates 4 PM to 2 AM.  Saturday and Sunday, it operates 1 PM to 2 AM.

Church service happens on Sundays.  Yep, you read it right.  Sunday mornings, church services happen.

Right along with with happy hours, St. Matthews displays drink specials for different nights.

St. Mathew's Tavern Happy Hour

St Mathew's Tavern Drink Specials

Most of St. Matthew’s crowd were casually dressed.  The crowd also contained a mixture of age groups.

Bar Counter at St. Mathew's Tavern

At a table, some folks played what I assumed was poker.

Meka was my server. She recommended the three dollar spiced rum, a drink handing me a buzz lasting all night.


I patronized St. Matthew’s before.  Just like Meka was tonight, the bartender was nice then also.

I failed to mention an Internet Jukebox played. (I hate those fucking things. Yet, that’s another story.)

Towards the back exists a big screen television.  I saw video game controllers nearby. (On a table I think.)  In this same area, electronic dart games take place.

Outside exists a patio, the beer garden. Patio furniture exists for those craving outside air along with their booze. Tribal masks hang on palm trees.  Also, a pool table exists nearby.

St, Mathew's Tavern Patio Pool Table

Earlier, I mentioned patronizing the bar before. One Sunday night, St. Matthew’s was the only Mills 50 bar containing a decent crowd.  Folks were singing along to songs the jukebox played, mostly 80’s and 90’s music.

I wouldn’t recommend St. Matthew’s as a pick-up bar, a good thing.  Yet, I recommend St. Matthew’s for the laid-back atmosphere, friendly customer service and decent drink prices.


Progress featuring Vicious Vic and D-Xtreme at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Last Saturday night, Joe Vaught and I attended Progress, a house music event hosted by Orlando’s The Peacock Room.

Progress Flyer: Vicious Vic and DJ D-Xtreme

When we arrived, Renato Guirao manned the decks, a job performed well.  Some of the few patrons danced.

Speaking of the word “few”, for the whole evening, attendance wasn’t much to brag about.  Giving the event a chance, many folks would have enjoyed the DJ lineup. Oh well, shit happens.

Next on the decks, DJ D-Xtreme performed.  Back in 1997, covering Orlando’s underground dance scene, Rolling Stone Magazine interviewed D-Xtreme.

After 15 years of not releasing music, along with singer Katharina Santana, D-Xtreme released “Feel My Love”.    The song currently charts number eleven on Beatport’s Breaks Chart.

DJ D-Xtreme on Beatport

Next up? Vicious Vic from New York.  Currently, Vic is the general manager for Uprise Music.  Also, he once remixed one of Joe’s songs.

Despite the small crowd, people still had fun.  When one of these DJs invade your town, I recommend attending their event.  You won’t regret it.

Aquatic Bass 3: An Orlando Pool Party Happening September 20!

Last month I blogged about Aquatic Bass, a Central Florida pool party featuring Orlando DJs. The first two happened at Howard Johnson Orlando (actually, it’s in Altamonte Springs). I missed the first one. Yet, I attended the second event.

Saturday, September 20, Aquatic Bass 3 happens at Monumental Hotel Orlando, located on International Drive.

Monumental Hotel Orlando

Photo by Corey James.

Presale tickets can be purchased at

In the previous blog, I mentioned children attending, a first I ever witnessed at a corporate sponsored pool party. During a phone conversation, Corey James (one of the hosts) told me that was intentional. The idea is family fun mixed with the Florida Breaks culture.

Jason Brown is the other host. He’s also one of the DJs.

For over ten hours of music, patrons pay ten dollars. Plus most liquor drinks are between three to five bucks.

IK Multimedia sponsors the event. The company creates iRig MIX, mobile mixers for iPhones, iPods and iPads. Also, they provide mobile mixers for Android.

Included among $6,000 worth of merchandise are e-cigarettes and voice microphones. People have already won e-cigarettes.

Unlike the previous two events, Aquatic Bass has total control of the hotel. I have yet seen an Orlando pool party with those bragging rights.

As of this writing more than half of the tickets are already sold. For family fun and good DJs, I recommend attending Aquatic Bass 3.

aquatic bass 3

The following are hotel pool pics by Corey James.