Cool Pics of People Playing with LED Rave Toys

In the past few months, I photographed people twirling rave toys. This happened at Downtown Orlando’s Suite B Lounge.  Pepper Greene brought in the toys.

Pepper Greene

Pepper Greene from Daytona Beach

During this time, I bought another camera, one containing second curtain flash.  With first curtain, after pressing the shutter button, flash always goes off at the beginning of the exposure.  When slowing the shutter speed in first curtain, cool abstract images result when moving lights are involved.

Jessica Ratchet

On second curtain, flash happens at the end of the exposure.  With a slow shutter speed on second curtain, light trails follow behind the object.

Twirling lights

Here some more pics. Enjoy!


Stardust Video and Coffee: A Cool Bohemian Spot

Last Saturday night, I drove to Orlando’s Stardust Video and Coffee.Main Counter in Stardust

Originally, after hearing good things about the place, I intended a night reserved for The Smiling Bison.  Yet, The Smiling Bison owns shitty parking.  Because I couldn’t find a parking space, I drove to Stardust.

I started patronizing Stardust back in 1999. VHS tape rentals filled one room. That room is now a dining area.


From what I was told, DVDs are still rented, explaining why the word “video” still exists in the store’s name.

I always thought Stardust as a hipster joint.  You might see a few.  Yet, that wasn’t the vibe I caught that night.  I witnessed mostly non-pretentious types enjoying each others company.

Stardust serves full liquor. At a bar counter, a friend sat next to me. As I drunk a three dollars and twenty cents Bud Light, my friend drunk a White Russian from a mason jar glass.  I didn’t get the price for the White Russian.

Our bartender with blue hair was nice.  I think her name was Christina.

On selves, used books are for sale.

Stardust Books for Sale


Also, the place owns a photo booth.

Stardust Photo Booth

A stage exists in the same dining room my friend and I were drinking.

Stardust stage

In recent years, I rarely attend Stardust.  This explains my used to seeing the stage in another room.

Entrance to other room

Now, instead of a stage, a bar counter is in that room.

Stardust Counter

From Monday to Friday, Stardust operates between 7 am to Midnight.  Saturdays and Sundays, the hours are 8 am to Midnight.  The location is 1842 East Winter Park Road.  From Mills Avenue, I usually turn on Virginia to get there.

For those who enjoy bohemian spots, I recommend a night at Stardust Video and Coffee.

Sanford’s Chuck Culbertson Performs at Lake Mary Senior Community

Last Monday, musician Chuck Culbertson performed at Oakmonte Senior Retirement Community in Lake Mary, Florida.

Chuck Culbertson 5

Born in Greensburg, Indiana, Chuck Culbertson lived mostly in Sanford, the city he still lives in.  Every Thursday night, he hosts Little Fish-Huge Pond’s open mics in Sanford.

Three years ago, for a friend’s mom, Culbertson performed at another facility. Last year, he performed at Spring Hill’s.

“If you read a couple of the comments under my (Facebook photo) album,” Culbertson began..  “Apparently, the songs triggered some memories and allowed these people to communicate for a bit.”

Photos are courtesy of Chuck.

Most Viewed Photos of 2014

As the year ends, I’ve decided to pick the most viewed pic from each photo gallery blog.  As most pics are Year 2014, some date as far back as the 1980’s. Some blogs contain a tie in top viewership. Both pics of the tie were included.

Except were indicated, most photos were by me.


Chris Mitchell Provides Classic Techno Beats

Recently, I was exposed to the techno music sounds of Chris Mitchell.

Chris Mitchell BASC 1

For those craving funky techno beats reminiscent of Detroit, Chris provides the flavor.

Currently living in Buenos Aires, Chris Mitchell is riding a second South American tour. Previously, he toured Europe several times.

Here’s his current release at

This is his bandcamp address:

To witness Chris and other artists on both record labels Vanguard Sound and Anunnaki Cartel, here’s the youtube page:

Chris runs the labels with Amir Alexander, who currently resides in Sweden.

I recommend giving Chris Mitchell a listen.

Crowds at Orlando’s FUNKY Flavor Events Grows Continually

Earlier this month, I photographed another Suite B event.Funky Flavor presents Agent K

For new readers, Suite B Lounge exists in Downtown Orlando.

Timothy Barnard and Scotty Fraser both hosted the breaks music event.

Timothy Barnard and Scotty Fraser

Timothy Barnard and Scotty Fraser

Earlier in the evening, only a few people attended, something that worried folks. Yet, as time carried on, more and more people showed.

After following Funky Flavor in the past months, I still believe moving to Suite B proved wise. The crowds continue to grow.

Enjoy the pics.

Fun Splatter of Talent night at Orlando’s Suite B

Damn, this blog is way over due! Last month, I photographed Splatter of Talent at Orlando’s Suite B.

Splatter of talent

The event was hosted by Social Menace Manda.

Amanda Lea Makos AKA Social Menace Manda

Vendors included Social Menace Clothing and illumin8us. Rap artist Meta4 provided live entertainment.

As you can tell by the photos, everyone had a good time.