Three Good Reasons to Admire Kanye West


Almost every month, I witness Facebook hatred aimed at Kanye West, most of it about something he said or allegedly said.

Yet, I still admire Mr. West. These are three reasons why you should too.

1. Kanye’s music does what it supposed to do. I don’t care how Kanye makes his music. Keyboard? Sampler? An actual instrument? I don’t give a shit. If it entertains, the music succeeds. Kanye’s album sales and awards prove this.

For those who doubt Kanye’s talent, try his production style and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t work for you, it may prove the only thing you’re really good at is talking shit about other people, especially ones making more money than you.

Some people may accuse me of being manipulated by Big Corporate Media. Oh, go fuck yourselves. Save that conspiracy theory for white Australian women rapping in a Southern African-American dialect. Then, we can discuss Big Corporate Media manipulating people into buying shitty music.

As for now, I’m sticking with the claim Kanye produces good music.

2. Kanye married a beautiful woman with a nice booty. I can see the hate now. So many people see themselves above Kim Kardashian. As for her porn video? For the hatred aimed at Mrs. West, I don’t remember the same amount of hatred aimed at the famous girlfriends or wives of rock stars, women who also recorded porn videos with their other halves.

Also, was it the Kardashians’ fault people were willing to watch (as of this writing) eleven seasons of their reality show? Producers of that show saw the dollar signs and grabbed them. Don’t blame the Kardashians for a successful reality series. Blame the people who want to keep up with the Kardashians.

All that aside, Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman with a nice onion booty, my kind of trophy lady.

3. Kanye’s words contain truth. I credit this reason to my buddy Rick Morrow. After Beck won the 2015 Grammy for Best Album, Kanye held the audacity to speak his mind. Hell, he even walked onstage as if he was going to take Beck’s award. Then, during an interview, he criticized Beck’s winning.

Defending his winning the award, folks called Beck a true artist. Because you know, Beck writes his own music and plays instruments. That’s cool. Still, folks refused admitting the hard cold truth about Beck’s award winning album Morning Phase.

It sucks.

The album is full of boring music attempting a late sixties and early seventies rock sound. But you know, Beck is a true artist.

Kayne saw right through the horse manure and called it out. He said the Grammys was playing with artists. He was right. Why nominate Beyonce for Best Album when there was no way in hell she was going to win? According to “experts” on Facebook, Beyonce lost because she doesn’t play instruments or write her own  music. So, why nominate her in the first place? Why play with artists like that? (For those of you saying Beyonce isn’t an artist, go drink your hater juice somewhere else. Also, she does write her own music.)

At that moment, Kanye brought up a subject many people walk away from. Like my buddy Rick Morrow said, the small truth in Kanye’s words is what pisses some people off the most about him. During Grammy 2015, his words hinted at racism. A talented black woman released an album loved by many, but she was passed over for a white guy’s mediocre album. This is what pissed folks off about Kanye’s Grammy actions. He touched on a truth many folks refused to see. But you know, Beck is a true artist.

This wasn’t the first time Kanye called out the truth. During Hurricane Katrina, he said President Bush didn’t like black people. Folks freaked out. Yet, Kanye was right. During Hurricane Katrina, a disaster affecting predominately black New Orleans, Bush took his sweet time responding.

No matter how crazy Kanye comes across, I gotta give it up to a person who speaks the truth.

So, these are my three reasons for admiring Kanye West.  Those who don’t like it can lick my ass.


Top 10 Ways You Know You’re Dating an Orlando Underground DJ

DJ booth at Sandwich Bar.

The following post is a guest blog by Sid Spurious.

10. They are experts on the caliber of the sound system at Peek, Native, Gilt, Tier, Space Bar, and Sandwich Bar.

9. They know half the people in Orlando.

8. All of their profile pics are event flyers.

7. They are not capable of having a serious discussion about music with anyone who is not an Underground DJ.

6. They remind you about their disdain for pop music at least once a week. But at least once a month, they have a serious discussion on how to rank footwear.

5. They don’t hit on girls… at the club.

4. They decide if they like the music in 5 seconds.

3. They make an angry face whenever they hear electronic folk music.

2. They dance like they have a moderate urge to use the bathroom. (the shuffle)

1. They always get in free.

Pics of DJ Drama at Orlando’s The Beacham

Last Saturday at Orlando’s The Beacham, DJ Drama performed a set.  For those that don’t know, not only is he a DJ, the Philadelphia-born DJ Drama also released five studio albums.

Fridays and Saturdays, I photograph for The Beacham.  Here’s three pics of DJ Drama.

Desperados, Tequila-Flavored Beer: A Review


The other day, I received a free sample of Desperados beer for blogging purposes. After seeing the words “desperados” and “tequila”, intrigue grabbed me. The booze looked potent. I started thinking of my amigos and I pillaging a Southwestern town (before a cigar–smoking Clint Eastwood saves the day, of course.) Everything about Desperados said, “No, don’t do it!” Because of that, I wanted to try it.

The tequila-flavored drink is 6 percent alcohol. In tequila barrels, lager is aged for a few months. Then, mixed with tequila and lemon flavors.

I received a six pack. I loved the spaghetti-western design.

After one night of cooling the six pack in the refrigerator, I sampled the goods. My first response? This stuff tastes nasty! So nasty, you may resist swallowing the rest of what’s already in your mouth. I guess that’s that what tequila tastes like. Yet, I recognized another taste. I just couldn’t pinpoint it. Also, as I called the taste nasty, I was still drinking Desperados. (As I type this very blog, I’m on my second bottle.)

Now, I know why I recognize the taste. Dutch company Heineken manufactures Desperados. Back in the day, I used to drink Heineken. Desperados is a nasty version of Heineken. The main differences are the lemon smell and yucky sweet taste. Still, it’s a Heineken all right. (Yet, by now, I’m on my third bottle.)

I think I know the exact crowd for Desperados. I refer to those who drink “acquired-taste” beer. As I don’t vision Desperados in a full liquor bar, I do vision beer and wine joints selling it, the typical hangout for “acquired-taste” beer drinkers.
Currently, Desperados sells in the Southeast. For over a decade, it sold in Europe. Living in Florida, I found it both in Winn Dixie and Publix. A six pack costs around ten bucks.

Most lager drinkers may not appreciate Desperados. Yet, for people who enjoy “acquired-taste” booze, this is definitely for you. To look hip, you can bring up it’s the fifth ranked beer in France.

Move to Downtown Orlando’s Suite B Benifits FUNKY Flavor DJ Events

On November 8, FUNKY Flavor hosted a breaks music night at Orlando’s Suite B.


Featured DJ was Merlyn from Miami.


Later on, I found out a local celebrity was among us.  For Orlando Weekly’s 2014 Readers Choice, Leilani won best club DJ.

Kym Piones Susko

The evening’s music featured a mixture of the past and present.  Among the break and house beats, I even heard a Depeche Mode remix.

I previously blogged about FUNKY Flavor’s events at the now-closed Peacock Room. After noticing a bigger crowd during the Suite B. event. I think the move to the downtown lounge benefited FUNKY Flavor.

True enough,it rained a little.

Suite B 11-8-2014 164

Yet, the evening still held a positive vibe.

December 6, FUNKY Flavor returns to Suite B Lounge. I recommend attending.

Fun Twizted Lightning at Downtown Orlando’s Suite B

On October 18, I photographed Twizted Lightning, an event hosted by Amanda Makos.

Social Menace Manda

Hootie B


The event happened at Suite B Lounge, a Downtown Orlando spot.  Some folks wore Social Menace clothing and hats, one of the sponsors.

Suite B

Social Menace Manda and Dirty Water sponsored the event also.

Also, I’ll Kut You sold t-shirts.

I'll Kut You and Sara Jenkins

The night mixed EDM (the DJs) with hip hop (Da Gymini).

Da Gymini and Jaeger Boys provided live entertain.

Loren K Wilson, Da Gymini and Jay Johnson Banks

Gymini was once part of 69 Boyz, a 90s group known for the hit song “Tootsie Roll”.  Recently, Perez Lee of Social Menace directed Gymini’s video “Meet Me @ Da Bar”.

Not only was the group  great performers, they were also nice guys. They mingled and posed with patrons for photos.

They are also sponsored by Jaegermeister.

Jay Johnson Banks, Da Gymini and Loren K Wilson

Corey James passed out iK Multimedia products.


Perez Lee, Rodney L. Aquino, Rodney Luis Aquino, Jay Johnson Banks, Loren K Wilson and Da Gymini

Through out the evening, folks enjoyed themselves.  I recommend attending future events hosted by Amanda Makos.  Another is scheduled for November 21 at Suite B Lounge.

International DJ John Creamer Wows Orlando Crowd at Sandwich Bar

On October 11. Sandwich Bar hosted international DJ John Creamer’s first Orlando appearance.

John Creamer Poster

Along with partner Stephane K, John Creamer created club anthems “Forget the World” and “I Wish You Were Here”. They also remixed Kosheen’s popular “Hide U”. (I happen to own that song.) Speaking of remixes, they provided these for Moby, New Order, Sinead O’Conner plus many more.

Hailing from Philadelphia, John Creamer moved to New York City in the 90’s, where he still lives.

Opening the night, Jeff Kash manned the decks.

Jeff Kash at Sandwich Bar

Already, a crowd danced on the floor.  I rarely see this for an opening DJ, except towards the end of the set.

Next, Mathew Scot manned the decks.

Mathew Scot

By this time, Sandwich Bar was definitely packed.

Packed house at Orlando's Sandwich Bar

John Creamer closed the night.

John Creamer at Orlando's Sandwich Bar

Before his set, I noticed he didn’t speak much.  Yet,during his set, his skills definitely talked, in a damned good way.

Again, Sandwich Bar brought another exciting night of house music.