We Have The Technology’s TRU WAV: A Review

we have the technology cassette

We Have The Technology TRU WAV reminds the masses of techno’s funk and soul past, a past almost erased from today’s EDM music. First on Side A (the album is released on cassette), “Welcome” rolls retro-synthesizer sounds into your ear, sounds popular from the 80’s. The song promises a funkier version of Tron or Bladerunner.

Speaking of funk, Side A plays a huge homage to Detroit Techno. At least, it borrows heavily from the soul and funk associated with the Detroit sound. “NVR Let You Down” contains soul singing vocals promising to never let you down. “Higher” contains soul vocals one would hear in house music. Yet, the beats remain techno. “Nothing Better (Only You)” brings back the 90s. Why I say 90s? A sinister bass line slithers over the beat. Yet, there’s a part where the bass line is the only thing you hear. Usually, parts like this are when mist fogs the dance floor, just like it did in the 90’s.

Most of Side B rides on 80’s rhythm and blues. As you hear futuristic sounds, strains of r&b coexist. “Cyberpunk” contains synths over beats one would hear in early rap music. Actually, it reminds an old school person of the soulful rap song “I Need You” by BVMSP. “LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE [OG Mix]” contains male vocals spelling the word “love” the same way the title song does. Egyptian Lover would be proud. “Rain” contains vocals that remain in your head for a long time. A video version of “Rain” exists on YouTube. “Girl I Wanna Be Girl” contains The Amen Beat, a beat associated with 90’s jungle music. As I mention that, the song also contains other beats resembling Florida’s version of break beat music. The album nicely ends with “LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE [NU Mix]”, a sped up version containing 808 booming bass.

TRU WAV can be purchased from Illuminated Paths’ catalog. I highly recommend it.



Live Lewd Girls: Dirty Stories for Charity 3

Last Thursday Night at Orlando’s Peacock Room, Live Lewd Girls returned for another erotic reading series, a series raising money for charity.

Cleavage-Minerva Quaintrelle, Belladiva Bonesaw, Whitney Morgan and Jessie Grey-SummersThis month it was Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. As folks paid five bucks at the door, a hat was passed around raising money for Florida Little Dog Rescue.

As usual, the night was hosted by Belladiva Bonesaw.

Belladiva Bonesaw

First up was Heather Lyles.

Heather Lyles

Actually, she was a last minute replacement. Commissioner Patty Sheehan was supposed to perform. Something came up,. So, she couldn’t make it.

So, instead,we were blessed with Heather’s wonderful reading of “Rainy Days”. This involved sex inside the gym of a nun covenant.

Next was Jessie Grey-Summers.

Jessie Grey-Summers

Jessie read “A Geek in My Closet” by Daryl Vickers, a story involving a woman seducing a nerdy geek.

Next reader was Minerva Quaintrelle.

Minerva Quaintrelle

I didn’t catch the title. Yet, as usual, Minerva read this steamy story quite well.

Next was porn star Whitney Morgan.

Whitney Morgan

Miss Morgan read an interracial fisting story written by mad word master Mark Parchman. Name of the story? Deep Inside the Pussy Pit. Two women seduce a black woman named Abby.

Last reader was Belladiva Bonesaw.

Belladiva Bonesaw Reading

Her story was an excerpt from the novel Fresh Flesh. Written in steampunk-style, this version of Dracula involves all the main characters as women.  Belladiva read a section containing two women brutalizing a farm girl.

I enjoyed this reading series better than the last one, fewer readers and less time on the stage. Plus all of the women were excellent readers.

Next month’s reading series is already scheduled.  I’ll be there.






WPRK’s Local Heroes: Interview with Daniel Pacchioni

Borrowed from The Examinor

Every Wednesday, starting at 5PM, WPRK Local Heroes broadcasts on 91.5 of Winter Park, Florida. Just like the name says, the show focuses on Central Florida talent.

Recently, Daniel Pacchioni of the show blessed this humble blog with his words.

1. Explain your program.

Well, it’s a radio show that resembles a late night talk show with less talk and more music, highlighting people of interest and live musical performances every week. It’s hosted by me (Daniel Pacchioni), George Wallace and Ilene Lieber. We have audio/video assistance provided by Real Feel Recording, East Coast Photography (Shauna Hundeby), Chad Pearce & James Dechert.

The show broadcasts every Wednesday at 5 PM on WPRK 91.5 FM or online worldwide.

2. What inspired the program?

I wanted an entertainment based show with music and comedy. At the same time, I wanted to showcase our beautiful city and the awesome, talented people we call neighbors.

3. What is your process of finding and choosing entertainment?

We like to invite guests that are relevant and/or doing great things, not just in our city but anywhere. We usually have local bands, artists and local personalities, but we also have world renowned musical guests and national people of interest. It’s hard for us to know everyone and be in-tune with what’s going on in the local community and the world at all times. So, we rely on our friends and listeners and peers to keep up. Soooo e-mail us 🙂

4. How does the video recording process go?

A unique feature of our show is our weekly musical performances. We’re the only radio show in Orlando (as far as I know) that has weekly musical performances on-air.

It is truly a team effort. It is recorded & mixed by Will Snyder, head engineer at Real Feel Recording, who is a master at what he does. We partnered up with local recording studio, Real Feel Recording. And they’ve been incredibly supportive since the beginning. If you’re a musician, you should really be recording your music there. They’re a bunch of passionate talented guys.

We also film the live performances for posterity. On the video team we have Shauna Hundeby of East Coast Photography, who has been with us for a while. She’s a phenomenal photographer. She has a great eye for pictures, and is a cool person in general.

We also just started working with Chad Pearce of OrlandoSeen.com and James Dechert. These guys are pros and honestly, they should be shooting the next Michael Bay Film. We’re fortunate to have them. Like I mentioned before, it’s a team effort and I can’t stress enough how professional they are. Check out their work on our youtube page http://www.youtube.com/wprklocalheroes. I highly recommend all of them for your next project.

5. What has been the public reception?

We’ve been overwhelmed with all the positive feed back we’ve had recently, which is a great thing. People are enjoying what we do and that’s all we could ask for.

This year, we introduced new co-hosts George Wallace (Orlando Fringe Festival) and Ilene Lieber (Passion PR) and we’re really starting to really push the boundaries. Although we have different personalities, we’ve had great chemistry since the beginning and have obtained a loyal growing audience. We wouldn’t be here if people like yourself reading this didn’t care. So,thank you.

6. What is your own musical history?

Well, for me, there’s only two things that interest me, music and comedy. That’s about it.

I’ve always had music in my life and probably will until I die. I want the song playing in my funeral to be “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen. I think that would explain who I was, a music lover who doesn’t take life too seriously. I dabble in entertainment, teach music and have my own musical projects. So, to me, it’s all part of who I am.

7. What are your personal feelings on today’s music?

Today’s music, you say? Well, I think there’s so much of it, and yet so little of it. Considering different musical tastes, good music is still being made everyday, but unfortunately not a lot of it is being heard.

I get it. We’re too busy with life to search through millions of tracks to find our next favorite artist. So then, we rely on others to tell us what’s good. It’s like eating McDonalds. Yea, it’s quick and easy. But is it really good for you?

I think today’s music is good! But I think we need to pro-actively seek it. So, go find it! We provide options every week. It’s up to you to connect with one.


Here are two videos from Local Heroes.


Amazing Photos of Alice Cooper’s Tampa Show

Recenltly at Tampa’s MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater, rocker Alice Cooper opened for headbangers Motley Crue. According to Sean Daly of Tampa Bay Times, Alice Cooper performed a better show than the Crue.

Photographer Robert Millward attended the show.  Again, he donated his artwork to this humble blog.


Two Saturday nights ago, I attended a grindcore event hosted by Ryan Pemberton.

Department of Correction, Budd Dwyer, God Harvest, Budd Dwyer

Because I kept kept seeing the word “grind”, I assumed all bands fell under that genre.   Because I didn’t see any faces painted white and black, I assumed one particular genre was definitely out.

If anything, when you attend any “metal” show in a small bar, wear fuckin’ earplugs!

I caught the tail end of Thomas Hewitt.

After that thrilling experience, Budd Dwyer played.

A drummer and a guitarist.  That was it.  Yet, the crowd really got into it.

Next, entered France’s Department of Correction.

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t know if they were speaking English or French.  Because I didn’t know what the American guys were saying either, it didn’t matter. The crowd and I still enjoyed Department of Correction.

Next came God Harvest.

Remember when I mentioned earplugs?  Picture this.  I’m six foot.  When you witness a band bringing in speakers nearly as tall as I am, you know your ears might be in trouble.

God Harvest is an excellent band.  Yet, the sound level was ridiculous. It wasn’t as if I didn’t appreciate the music.  Yet, in order for folks to appreciate the music itself, lower the sound, fellas.

On the whole, I enjoyed the show.  Ryan Pemberton holds  a fine taste in finding talent.  His shows are worth the money.

See? Told You Downtown Orlando’s Image was Shitty

A night at Beth's Burgers.

Knocked out at Beth’s Burgers.


Recently, Orlando Sentinel mentioned Downtown Orlando’s image problem. This arrives after recent violence in Downtown Orlando. When a cop’s stray bullet killed a bar patron, Orlando Culture Shock gained an eye witness account.

Yet, here’s the deal.  Yours Truly previously mentioned Downtown Orlando’s image problem.  After seeing many nasty Facebook posts, I asked people what they hated about Downtown Orlando.  The number one complaint?  Douche bags!  Still, it didn’t occur to me douche bags include cops too.  I don’t see how it didn’t.  Yet, it happened.

After my blog about Downtown Orlando, check out the following statement.  This happened after a friend reposted my blog on Facebook.

Parker Sketch

Being stabbed by a nightclub patron doesn’t appeal to me.  Nor does being shot by a cop’s stray bullet.  As for cover prices, many people in this low-wage paying town can’t afford them.  Also, the cover prices at some spots aren’t even worth it.   So, I prefer joining the Whiny Baby Club.  At least there, I won’t get killed and/or ripped off.

Most of the time, this blog focuses on the positive. Yet, there exists times when the ugly needs attention.  When the ugly appears, this blog steps up to the batter’s plate.  If someone don’t like it, Orlando Culture Shock don’t give a fuck.

The Orlando Sentinel proved what the blog previously mentioned. Downtown Orlando has a shitty image.  See, I told you.

Tighty Whities 2, The Women: Words from Orlando Photographer Miriam Lorenzi

Women wearing men's underwear.

I first met Miriam Lorenzi through drinking buddies back in 1994. Over the years, I had no idea I was amongst photographic genius. Like many geniuses, Miriam is low-key about her talent.

I think it was 2001. There at a Will’s Pub concert, I witnessed Miss Lorenzi in action.

“She’s a photographer?” I asked myself.

Over the years, Miriam never mentioned her photography to me.

She wasn’t just a photographer with fancy equipment, either. I noticed a look on Miriam’s face I never saw before, a look of intense seriousness. I always remembered a young lady with a smile. At this moment, a person deep into her craft was at work.

Over the years, I’ve seen Miriam’s awesome photos with the Orlando Sentinel and on Facebook.

Currently, she has a two weeks only show at Orlando’s The Peacock Room.

For this humble blog, she granted us her words.

1. What is your show at The Peacock Room?

Tighty Whities 2, The Women. It is the second show for my visual study of people going about daily activities at work, home, or on location while wearing men’s white briefs. In this study, women were the feature.

2. You had a previous show at the now-close SIP. What was the previous Tighty Whities?

Tighy Whities was the first show – an expose of men going about daily activities at home while wearing their undies.

3. What has been the public reception for both shows?

Both shows received a lot of attention and more praise than hate. People seem to enjoy the voyeuristic perspective of the work as well as seeing the subjects (men and women that many people in Orlando already know and love) depicted in such a dramatically different way than what they’re used to seeing.

4. What inspired you?

The Short Answer:
Heat, sweat, dirt, blood and overall misery sparked with the desire to deliver happiness inspired Tighty Whities, The Coffee Table Book.

The Detailed Answer:
A sweaty afternoon May of 2012, I’d been working all day in an non-air conditioned warehouse assembling a structure of steal extrusion for a trade show exhibit. My clothes were covered in dirt and metal shavings, and hung from my body like heavy wet blankets. The heat and humidity were high. And at the apex of my misery, it occurred to me: This experience could be so much better if we wore much less clothing.

So, I turn to my equally miserable co-worker and asked with a spark of hope , “Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could just work in our underwear?”

With that last word spoken, images of people going about everyday activities wearing nothing but underwear flooded my mind. And I thought, how fun would it be to have a coffee table book of such imagery? I decided then that I wanted to present work that would be fun, light-hearted, and perhaps unusual with the ultimate goal of lifting the spirits.

5. You have Tighty Whities merchandise, right?

Tighty Whities The Coffee Table Book, Volume 1 consists of selections from the first and second shows. A book was my main goal for first show but I didn’t pull it together until this second show. SO many people said they would love to have the coffee table book. So, I made sure that it happened this time around. Volume 1 suggests that, yes, the work will continue and there will be more books. This one is still available for order in soft cover for $25.

I also offer great mini-prints that are handmade in the USA by yours truly! Beautiful quality images are mounted to foam core with magnets so you can put them on the refrigerator or your forehead, wherever metal exists. These also went over very well and were snagged up at the gallery show. A few still remain for $12 each or 2 for $20.

6. What is your photo history?
Again- heat, sweat, tears, and overall misery catapulted my interest in photography. I’ll spare you the details that include some low prairies in Colorado, arroyos, and huge birds of prey circling over my head.

I was very lucky at early outset of my photo career to score a paid job assisting a superb commercial photographer, Joe Brooks, here in Orlando. Through him, I gleaned mad insight to the technical side of photography for a few years. The rest of my history has been a slow journey of accepting a wide variety of work opportunities for private, corporate and publisher clients and developed the necessary skills as I went along. I’ve shot concerts (national and international acts), graduations, trade shows, exhibits, fine art, commercial interiors and exteriors, food, portraits, nudes, celebrities, births, babies, God and the Devil.

7. Any future projects?