Orlando’s The Thirsty Topher: A Good Spot to Hide

One night at Wally’s, a friend suggested the three of us patronize The Thirsty Topher. Had never been there, but my mind was already made up about the place. When I read The Thirsty Topher served craft beer, I imagined a joint containing nasty-tasting beer and hipsters.

I don’t know the correct word describing the Ivanhoe section where The Thirsty Tropher exists. A warehouse district? With an opened garage door as an entrance, The Thirsty Topher appears as a garage turned into a bar.

As we entered, Psychedelic Furs played on the sound system. The small crowd contained folks who looked between thirty and fifty. I didn’t see any hipsters this night. Nor did I hear annoying loud talking. Many readers know what I refer to; the loud talking pretentious types do as if the whole bar just has to hear their opinion.

First drink I sipped was Tampa Brewing’s Reef Donkey, a pale ale drink. It was okay. Nothing to brag about. Yet, it did its job, giving me a buzz.

Next I drunk Innus and Gunn Rum. By this time, Depeche Mode played on the sound system. The drink tasted a little sweet. I had two.

The staff was extra nice. Despite a friend buying my drinks, I don’t see anyone going broke buying booze here. Listed on various chalk boards are the drinks and their percentage of alcohol.
The Thirsty Topher

The Thirsty Topher

Because of its location, I see The Thirsty Topher as a spot to hide. For those who hate hipsters, don’t tell them about The Thirsty Topher. I see The Thirsty Topher as a bar for craft drinkers who avoid other craft drinkers.

Monday thru Thursday, the bar operates between 4 PM and 12 AM. Friday to Saturday, it’s 4 PM to 2 AM. On Sunday, it’s 2 PM to 12 AM.

I plan on returning.


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