Orlando Photographer and Poet Giving Away Free PDFs of Upcoming Book

Three Orlando Nightspots Book Cover Blog Version

My new self-published book Three Orlando Nightspots will soon be available on Amazon. The book contains photos of nightlife women and poetry.

Three Orlando Nightspots sample

At the moment, I’m giving away free PDF versions of the book. To get the free version, send me a message to this e-mail address: patrickbarne@gmail.com.

I only ask one thing. If you like the PDF, tell your friends, relatives, etc. You can even e-mail them a copy of the PDF. Even if you don’t like the PDF? You can still tell folks why you hate it.

Originally posted on the Patrick Scott Barnes blog.


The Faces of the Victims of Orlando Mass Shooting

Today on Facebook, I found two pics representing the recent mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse.

First, the faces of the victims.


Second,  a peaceful gathering at Dr. Philips in Downtown Orlando.

Dr. Philips 1

My heart goes out to the victims and families of the victims.

Afrohead Premium Aged Dark Rum: A Review


For blogging purposes, I received a free bottle of Afrohead Premium Aged Dark Rum. In 1997, Australian Toby Tyler moved to the Bahamas. In 2007, he began serving his house rum at his restaurant on Harbor Island (also known as Briland). The rum bottle’s label contained the image of a Bahamian woman. Soon, locals and people from around the world visited Briland for the rum with the “afrohead” on it. This inspired the name Afrohead Premium Aged Dark Rum.

I mixed Afrohead with Coke. As for the taste? Let’s just say I’m going to fix me another Cuba Libre (rum and coke) after writing this blog. On the real tip, Afrohead contains a strong taste. Stronger than other rums I had drunk in the past. Plus the taste touches nowhere near the awful rum nightclubs sneak on you.

Lil Indies in Orlando serves Afrohead in the “Snaxappeal” cocktail. Snaxappeal features Afrohead, lemon, Vitaluna, coconut milk and Demerara. Also, Orlando’s Nova Restaurant serves Afrohead.

On their website. Afrohead lists other cocktails.

Personally, I think Afrohead deserves shelf space at a Central Florida liquor store. When I posted my pic on Instagram, someone asked where can they get a bottle. I suggest selling Afrohead at Wally’s on Mills Avenue. Many Central Floridians hold Wally’s as a local treasure.

However one gets a hold of it, Afrohead definitely satisfies rum lovers. Time go make my Cuba Libre.

Is the Word “Legend” being Overused in Orlando’s DJ Community?

Eye Spy Dance Floor 3

Before I reached the venue, I heard the headliner DJ was a legend. When I finally heard the legend’s set, disappointment crumbled me.

At another venue, I heard the same thing about another headliner DJ. They were called a legend.

By this time, it appeared “legend” applied to anyone over age forty and DJed since the late eighties or early nineties.

Like the previous legend, this legend’s set tanked also.

Sometimes, I wonder why Orlando falls for this legend crap. Some joker whose heydays are long gone gets the royal treatment…and tanks. Some I even wonder why they are called legend.

It isn’t just the DJ thing either. Recently, I heard an “experienced” promoter owns a nasty habit of not paying DJs. How did the “experienced” person gain access to Orlando’s DJ community? My guess is they talked a lot bullshit folks wanted to hear. Usually the bullshit involves promising success that never happens.

I understand if said DJ created or helped a movement. Yet, does longevity in the game automatically qualifies someone as a legend?

I found out I wasn’t the only one tired of hearing the word “legend”. An Orlando Facebook friend’s post flat-out said the word was being overused.

So, is that the case? Is the word “legend” being overused in Orlando’s DJ community?

Top 10 Ways You Know You’re Dating an Orlando Underground DJ

DJ booth at Sandwich Bar.

The following post is a guest blog by Sid Spurious.

10. They are experts on the caliber of the sound system at Peek, Native, Gilt, Tier, Space Bar, and Sandwich Bar.

9. They know half the people in Orlando.

8. All of their profile pics are event flyers.

7. They are not capable of having a serious discussion about music with anyone who is not an Underground DJ.

6. They remind you about their disdain for pop music at least once a week. But at least once a month, they have a serious discussion on how to rank footwear.

5. They don’t hit on girls… at the club.

4. They decide if they like the music in 5 seconds.

3. They make an angry face whenever they hear electronic folk music.

2. They dance like they have a moderate urge to use the bathroom. (the shuffle)

1. They always get in free.

5 Funny Photos Explaining the Difference Between Orlando and Disney

When non-Floridians hear Orlando, they immediately think of Walt Disney World. Today, on Facebook, I noticed photos my friend Erin Nolan posted. These photos explain the difference between the two.

The first photo is by someone else. (I’ll give credit when I find out who.) The last four photos are Erin’s.

You live in Orlando?  Lake Eola

You live in Orlando? Andrew Spear artwork

You live in Orlando? Will's Pub

You live Orlando? The Hideaway

You live in Orlando? Ralphfest


Orlando Culture Shock Lasts One Whole Year!

Last Saturday, Orlando Culture Shock turned one years old. Of all the Word Press blogs I ever worked on, Orlando Culture Shock proved the most successful. During a blog’s first year, Orlando Culture Shock was my first blog ever to receive over 200,000 views. For my first Word Press blog, it took three years to gain 100,000 views.

To the pro-bloggers, these may not be impressive numbers.  Yet, believe me,  most blogs suffer far worst.  Many blogs won’t even reach 12,000 views during their first year.

What’s different about Orlando Culture Shock versus my previous blogs? First, I focus more on the community. This blog ain’t about me. It’s about Central Florida, mainly Orlando. Second, not only do I use more pics, I also label and put them in a gallery. Folks have a choice to click on which pic they like. Also, when someone searches the internet for something, they may come across a photo I labeled. Searching for “Sandwich Bar Orlando” may lead to a pic with those words on it. Each pic has it’s own web page. So, when folks either click on a pic or come across it during a search, it counts as a page view.

Truth be known, I hadn’t felt this good about something since I first started hosting poetry readings.  Actually, I feel better blogging about the community instead of hosting any kind of open-mic. Don’t have to listen to shitty talent. Don’t have to deal with folks canceling me or moving me around because they DOUBLE-BOOKED ME WITH A FUCKIN’ BAND!!! No, I’m not pissed about that anymore. ASSHOLES!!! With Orlando Culture Shock I can still expose the best of Central Florida.  Yet, I can do with it with less headaches.

Thanx for supporting the blog’s first year.

Most of the following pics are by me.  Yet, some are by Robert Millward. Enjoy!