Beats for Life 3: A Jumping Night at Orlando’s Suite B.

On October 24, Music for Life hosted Beats for Life v.3 at Downtown Orlando’s Suite B Lounge.Beats for Life v.3

Music for Life raises funds for medical needs.

The event also hosted Corey James’ birthday party.

Corey James and Joe Genaldi

Corey James and Joe Genaldi

Corey hosts Central Florida events also.  This night he passed out iK Multimedia products and promoted Vaporize products.

DJ Caution and Corey James with iRig Voice.

DJ Caution and Corey James with iRig Voice.

Like the poster indicated, Jimi The Genius headlined.

Jimi The Genius

Jimi The Genius

As all the DJs rocked the house, my personal standout?  Orkid played a sick remix of Disclosure’s “Latch”.  Bad enough I can’t never stop thinking about that damned song!



During a raffle, a patron won Beats by Dre headphones.  Dude was happier than a motherfucker too.

He won Beats by Dre headphones


After photographing him with other other folks, I wanted to photograph Rich D by himself.  He told me to photograph after he changed.  Here’s what he changed into.

Rich D

Rich D


I blogged before about a Suite B event, one hosted by Social Menace Manda. The post you’re reading now is the second involving Suite B. After these two events, I realize now Suite B hosts heavily attended,  fun and exciting events. I recommend attending future Suite B. events.







Fun Twizted Lightning at Downtown Orlando’s Suite B

On October 18, I photographed Twizted Lightning, an event hosted by Amanda Makos.

Social Menace Manda

Hootie B


The event happened at Suite B Lounge, a Downtown Orlando spot.  Some folks wore Social Menace clothing and hats, one of the sponsors.

Suite B

Social Menace Manda and Dirty Water sponsored the event also.

Also, I’ll Kut You sold t-shirts.

I'll Kut You and Sara Jenkins

The night mixed EDM (the DJs) with hip hop (Da Gymini).

Da Gymini and Jaeger Boys provided live entertain.

Loren K Wilson, Da Gymini and Jay Johnson Banks

Gymini was once part of 69 Boyz, a 90s group known for the hit song “Tootsie Roll”.  Recently, Perez Lee of Social Menace directed Gymini’s video “Meet Me @ Da Bar”.

Not only was the group  great performers, they were also nice guys. They mingled and posed with patrons for photos.

They are also sponsored by Jaegermeister.

Jay Johnson Banks, Da Gymini and Loren K Wilson

Corey James passed out iK Multimedia products.


Perez Lee, Rodney L. Aquino, Rodney Luis Aquino, Jay Johnson Banks, Loren K Wilson and Da Gymini

Through out the evening, folks enjoyed themselves.  I recommend attending future events hosted by Amanda Makos.  Another is scheduled for November 21 at Suite B Lounge.

Chad Andrew at Sound Bar

On October 16, Chad Andrew headlined Orlando’s Sound Bar.

Chad Andrew Flyer


In 2012, Chad moved to Ibiza. There he met important folks in the scene. Later, he played pool parties during the weekends. He met Marc Antona, owner of music label Dissonant. After returning to Florida, he released Cut Up, a EP on the Dissonant label.

The following photos are from Justin Pile. As you can see, the night was packed.

International DJ John Creamer Wows Orlando Crowd at Sandwich Bar

On October 11. Sandwich Bar hosted international DJ John Creamer’s first Orlando appearance.

John Creamer Poster

Along with partner Stephane K, John Creamer created club anthems “Forget the World” and “I Wish You Were Here”. They also remixed Kosheen’s popular “Hide U”. (I happen to own that song.) Speaking of remixes, they provided these for Moby, New Order, Sinead O’Conner plus many more.

Hailing from Philadelphia, John Creamer moved to New York City in the 90’s, where he still lives.

Opening the night, Jeff Kash manned the decks.

Jeff Kash at Sandwich Bar

Already, a crowd danced on the floor.  I rarely see this for an opening DJ, except towards the end of the set.

Next, Mathew Scot manned the decks.

Mathew Scot

By this time, Sandwich Bar was definitely packed.

Packed house at Orlando's Sandwich Bar

John Creamer closed the night.

John Creamer at Orlando's Sandwich Bar

Before his set, I noticed he didn’t speak much.  Yet,during his set, his skills definitely talked, in a damned good way.

Again, Sandwich Bar brought another exciting night of house music.

October 25: Aquatic Bass Pool Parties Returning with Halloween Theme

On October 25th, Aquatic Bass pool party events return to Orlando’s Monumental.
Monumental Orlando

Hosted by Jason Brown and Future Sound of Breaks, the day’s event centers around Halloween.  Two costume contests are taking place. One happens at 3 PM for kids and the other at 7 PM for adults. Because this is a family event, the hosts asks for tasteful costumes.

Five cabanas are available. $175 includes bottle service.  Rooms are also available. $69 for king beds. $79 for double beds. For rooms, it’s best to reserve early with Monumental. Rooms are known to fill up fast.

Of course, just like previous events, DJs are lined up to provide the party sounds.

Aquatic Bass IV

DJ D-Xtreme (one of the DJs) recently charted Beatport’s breaks section with “Feel My Love”.

DJ D-Xtreme on Beatport

The pool party event starts at 11 AM and ends at 9:30 PM. Cover charge is $10 online up to October 23. That can be purchased here:  Also, it’s $13 dollars at the door.

No outside coolers or glass in the pool area. Guests can have SOLO cups only.

Social Menace clothing and hats will be available.

Social Menace Clothing

So will I’ll Kut You t-shirts.

I'll Cut You clothes


Because I enjoyed previous Aquatic Bass events, I recommend attending this one too.

Orlando’s Theater Downtown Closing Soon

Just got wind another, favorite, Orlando spot is closing. Actually, I hadn’t set foot into this place since 2001. I’m referring to Theater Downtown.

Florida Hospital, the property owner, canceled the twenty-five year old theater’s lease.  The final day is December 31, 2014.

The closing definitely hits a personal spot. Back in February 1993, Theater Downtown produced my first play “Blades”.

Theater Downtown

I was twenty-three at the time.

Here’s the program.

Blades program

Blades centered around the death of a juvenile corrections inmate.  Due to non-politically correct words and profanity, black people told me the play wasn’t going to get produced.

I love proving folks wrong.

Here’s the front of the post card.  The image of a guy in shades sporting a backwards cap was my idea.  Even before I even finished writing the play itself, I already drew the image I wanted for the flyer.

Blades front

Here’s the back, warning about profanity and sexual situations.

Blades back

As for the sexual situations, two black inmates insinuates sexually assaulting a white inmate.  Oh yea, the opening scene shows the murdered inmate who had also been sodomized.

(Thinking about it now, I can’t believe I wrote some shit like that.)

Because I was a local,  Orlando Sentinel’s Elizabeth Maupin interviewed me.

Orlando Sentinel Article Theater Downtown's Blades Patrick

In her review of the play, she felt it had potential.  Yet, it lacked in some parts.

In later years, two more full length plays were directed.

The Pure Forms of Anger

The Pure Forms of Anger

Drinkin’ Buddies

Drinking Buddies program

I’ll miss seeing Theater Downtown.




A Closing Peacock Room and Florida Liquor License

The Peacock Room Orlando

Last Saturday night in Orlando’s Milk District, I kept hearing the words “liquor license”.  Also, I saw the words posted on Facebook. Why those words popped up recently?  The Peacock Room, one of my favorite drinking spots, may be closing. The Peacock Room thrives in the Mills 50 District.

Saturday night, those with “inside information” talked scarcity of full liquor licenses. Florida Law allows liquor licenses according to an area’s population. As the population increases, the more licenses allowed.

Gaining a liquor license happens two main ways. First is the quota license, intended for liquor-only establishments. Quotas are offered once a year during a lottery. Second is something called SRX, intended for restaurants. For SRX, more than fifty-one percent of a restaurant’s sales must be non-alcoholic.

Those with “inside information” said The Peacock Room’s buyer or buyers is after the liquor license. This because of liquor license scarcity.

Remembering personal past incidents, I always suspect most “insiders” to be full of shit, folks who enjoy running off at the mouth on things they lack knowledge off. Many times, I found “inside knowledge” false. Still, who knows?  “Insiders” may be right this time. Yet, the real positive thing out of this? If it weren’t for “insiders”, I wouldn’t have thought about Florida liquor license laws. Just like many readers of this blog post, I now possess new knowledge on the subject.

UPDATE: I have just been informed of Florida’s 4Cop License. This pertains to establishments selling booze for both both on-site and off-site purposes, places like Wally’s. Just like the quota, 4Cop is gained through an annual lottery,