11 Things to do in Orlando This Week for June 1 to June 4, 2015

From Monday to Thursday, here are eleven exciting things to do in and around Orlando for June 1 to June 4, 2015. Four events are DJ nights.  Six events contain live entertainment.  One of those nights are jazz.  Another is hip hop.  Plus another live event is an open mic. The last thing to mention is an art opening for things to do.

1. Monday, June 1: “For the Hip”, with the new hip!!!: From 6PM to 10PM at Maxine’s on Shine, located 337 N Shine Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

For the hip

Words from Facebook:

Monday June 1st, Just 2 days before my hip replacement surgery!!! A night to remember, “for the new Hip” benefit will be hosted by Maxine’s on Shine. Come and enjoy the sounds of Justin Kangrga to start the night off, then some groovy ALL ViNYL sets from Enrique Gonzalez, Greg Dj-bmf Lentz and Dennis Mero. With A one of a kind comedic performance from Alex Luchun and Larry Fulford of their “Life’s A Gift” a celebration of life and people, talents and mistakes!!

Art on Display and for auction by Ricky Martinez, Donna Dowless, Stephanie Badran, and many more.

Plus on the lineup for amazing baskets, gift sets and more: Casey’s On Central, BB King’s Blues Club Orlando, La Femme du Fromage, rickvanaire LLC, dolce vita salon, honey comb, Russian Academy of Ballet, to name a few!!!! Just on Board Elase Medical Spa & Cosmetic Surgery at Lake Mary!!! And a beautiful custom made pillow by Maxine Earhart herself!!!! Fantastic line up so far!!!

Plus Spero Design for providing a limited number of prints that will be available!!! Fantastic!!

2.  Monday, June 1: Adjy, The Knick Knacks and Jessica Vacha: Starts 8PM at Will’s Pub, 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Knick knacks, Adjy at Will's Pub

Words from Facebook:

with guests The Knick Knacks, Jessica Vacha

doors at 9 pm / 18+ / $5-7
Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1DIl9QB & Park Ave CDs

Adjy is unabashedly pop in style and delivery. The vocals mixed high over top of furious keys, synth and on occasion guitar and banjo.

3. Tuesday, June 2: Jazz Tuesdays: Starts 7:30PM at The Smiling Bison, located 745 Bennett Rd, Orlando, Florida 32803.

blue 82

Words from Facebook:

Come join us at The Smiling Bison on Tuesday evening at 7:30 for live jazz with blue 82.
Happy hour is from 5:30-7pm.
$1 off drafts and bar snacks.
$6 glasses of house wine.
Late night menu after 10.
Never a cover

4. Tuesday, June 2: Hannah Harber & the Lionhearts, Jesse Smith Project, Christian Lee Hutson: From 7PM to 10PM at Will’s Pub, located 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Hannah Harber & the Lionhearts

Words from Facebook:

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1QDpahi
Details: Hannah Harber & the Lionhearts at Will’s Pub

doors at 8 pm / 18+ / $5-7

5. Tuesday, June 2: SOUL SHAKEDOWN: 11PM to 2AM at Will’s Pub, located 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Soul Shakedown

Words from Facebook:

Introducing a brand new weekly foray into soul shakin’ good music! Hosted by Phat-N-Jazzy / 45 Friday resident DJ BMF, Soul Shakedown is an all-out dance party celebrating decades of uptempo funk and soul music. From Motown to Northern Soul to 80s disco boogie to P-Funk… we got it! Start practicing your Soul Train line moves now because like the Godfather says “we’re gonna have a funky good time”.


6. Wednesday, June 3: Artist Reception: A Different World- LuceSky, H. Ashworth and D. Jackson: 7PM to 10PM at Dandelion Communitea Cafe, located 618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

A Different World June 3

Words from Facebook:

Come to Dandelion Communitea Cafe on the evening of Wednesday, June 3rd to meet and greet 3 fabulous artists: LuceSky, Heather Ashworth and David Jackson! Enjoy some delicious food, drinks and fantastic company! Browse, admire and acquire beautiful art! A good time will be had by all! Looking forward to seeing you there!

7. Wednesday, June 3: The Geek Easy’s Monthly Open Mic!: Starts 7:45PM at The Geek Easy, 114 S Semoran Blvd Suite 6, Winter Park, Florida 32792.

Geek Easy Open Mic

Words from Facebook:

Snap fingers, clap hands and grab a beer & some great sandwiches! Enjoy great poets, comics, musicians and cool people in general. It’s some of the best free entertainment around. IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ve shortened up the comedy sets, because, well, we can’t fit all of you into the three hour window. Now? Everyone gets a chance to kill it!

Remember to bring your “A” game and supporters out. One musician and one comic will be selected to open for an upcoming interactive Marc With a C show in July!

MUSICIANS: Two songs!
COMEDY: Five minutes!

Sign up sheets go out at 7:45 PM! All performers are welcome. Anyone who wants to perform can just show up before it starts and get on the list. First come, first served – no electronic sign-up’s… we want to be there the whole time to support each other, right?. Fifteen slots available!

(You MUST be present to sign up, no exceptions)

Hosted by Orlando’s own Marc With a C!

8. Wednesday, June 3: The Imperial’s Acoustic Soundcheck w/ Bobby Koelble: 9PM to 12AM at The Imperial at Washburn Imports, located 1800 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32804.

Bobby Koeble

Words from Facebook:

Epic Orlando guitarist Bobby Koelble riffs it up with us. Please come and enjoy his eclectic instrumental set. Friends, Food, Craft Beer and Wine. 21+ No cover

9.Thursday, June 4: Vinyl Birthday Throwdown!: CANCELED! 5PM to 11PM in Downtown Orlando, located 201 S Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801. DJ music provided by Frankie Messina.

Prince For You and Frankie Messina

Words from Facebook:

drop by, drop off ,get down for others! No gifts allowed, but please bring any bars of soap, Clean packs of socks, and /or disposable baby diapers for those less fortunate on the streets.. Eclectic dance, funk, blues, Soul, and Rock from my last 54 years on earth!., and also playing end to end the newest Prince Album.. ( a tradition for me). lets rock me into the next year.. ain’t nobody slowing down round here!. thank you friends.. free show…and bring your dancing shoes!

10. Thursday, June 4: Blueprint, Supastition, Midaz the Beast,  Jorok & Kristen Warren: Starts 9PM at The Social, located 54 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801.

Blueprint at The Social

A mostly hip hop night for those who are too tired of commercial rap.

Tickets are ten bucks.

For ages 18 and up.

11. Thursday, June 4: Deep Therapy w/ Pete Tong: Starts 10PM at Tier Nightclub, 20 E Central Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32801.

Deep Therapy with Pete Tong

Words from Facebook:



Few individuals in the world of dance music can claim the kind of influence Pete Tong has had over the last twenty years. With an unparalleled ear for new talent, Tong is the leading tastemaker of the electronic generation.

It’s fair to say that Pete Tong’s life is intertwined with the history of acid house and electronic music itself. His career mirrors the story of dance music over the last 25 years. A true renaissance man, Pete has never been about one thing and now more than ever he embodies the many facets of dance music culture, from radio shows and album releases to clubs nights and festival arenas, prolific is probably an understatement.


18+ welcome
21+ to drink

VIP Reservations: 407.970.6559


Vizion 1

IN Orlando
IG and Twitter: @D33pTh3rapy


5 Funny Photos Explaining the Difference Between Orlando and Disney

When non-Floridians hear Orlando, they immediately think of Walt Disney World. Today, on Facebook, I noticed photos my friend Erin Nolan posted. These photos explain the difference between the two.

The first photo is by someone else. (I’ll give credit when I find out who.) The last four photos are Erin’s.

You live in Orlando?  Lake Eola

You live in Orlando? Andrew Spear artwork

You live in Orlando? Will's Pub

You live Orlando? The Hideaway

You live in Orlando? Ralphfest


Orlando Culture Shock Lasts One Whole Year!

Last Saturday, Orlando Culture Shock turned one years old. Of all the Word Press blogs I ever worked on, Orlando Culture Shock proved the most successful. During a blog’s first year, Orlando Culture Shock was my first blog ever to receive over 200,000 views. For my first Word Press blog, it took three years to gain 100,000 views.

To the pro-bloggers, these may not be impressive numbers.  Yet, believe me,  most blogs suffer far worst.  Many blogs won’t even reach 12,000 views during their first year.

What’s different about Orlando Culture Shock versus my previous blogs? First, I focus more on the community. This blog ain’t about me. It’s about Central Florida, mainly Orlando. Second, not only do I use more pics, I also label and put them in a gallery. Folks have a choice to click on which pic they like. Also, when someone searches the internet for something, they may come across a photo I labeled. Searching for “Sandwich Bar Orlando” may lead to a pic with those words on it. Each pic has it’s own web page. So, when folks either click on a pic or come across it during a search, it counts as a page view.

Truth be known, I hadn’t felt this good about something since I first started hosting poetry readings.  Actually, I feel better blogging about the community instead of hosting any kind of open-mic. Don’t have to listen to shitty talent. Don’t have to deal with folks canceling me or moving me around because they DOUBLE-BOOKED ME WITH A FUCKIN’ BAND!!! No, I’m not pissed about that anymore. ASSHOLES!!! With Orlando Culture Shock I can still expose the best of Central Florida.  Yet, I can do with it with less headaches.

Thanx for supporting the blog’s first year.

Most of the following pics are by me.  Yet, some are by Robert Millward. Enjoy!



June 6 at Will’s Pub: Nic Armstrong and The Thieves w/ The Wooly Bushmen and Sterling Schroeder & The Chosen Ones

6_6-WillsPub, Orlando

Words from Press Release:

In anticipation of 2015’s follow-up to Pocketless Shirt EP, Brit Pop rocker Nic Armstrong returns to Orlando (last time through with The Bravery and Dead 60s) with a special, handcrafted performance on June 6 at Will’s Pub. Hot locals The Woolly Bushmen and Sterling Schroeder & The Chosen Ones complete the billing for a truly exciting rock and roll event!

“Knife-blade-treble guitars and the vengeful crash of the early Who and Kinks” -ROLLING STONE

“a talented songwriter – a truly exceptional singer” -THE SUNDAY TIMES

“pretty special, man” -NOEL GALLAGHER, OASIS

“Nic Armstrong brings the fuzz and bubblegum in spades…the song writing is so strong.” -PASTE

Nic Armstrong

Nic Armstrong

Nic Armstrong & The Thieves 6 track follow-up to 2013’s Pocketless Shirt EP is currently in production at Cacophony Recorders, Austin, TX.

Raised on real golden oldie rock’n’roll, Nic Armstrong has the voice, the songs and, after a stroke of luck, the backing he needs to follow in the footsteps of his 50s juke box heroes. A son of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in northern England, Nic and his incendiary band, The Thieves, have ripped it up on tours across the United States, U.K. and on the European continent with icons
such as The Pretenders, Oasis and Paul Weller of The Jam.

After New West Records released debut The Greatest White Liar across North America, Nic landed in pre- gold rush Austin, TX, with one carrier bag of clothes, a critically acclaimed record and a burgeoning live reputation. On his very first night in the USA, a wizened Austin soothsayer-cum-cartoon-bad-guy howled at Nic, “Once you are here you will never leave!”. Surprised by the weather and the warmth of the locals, it appears that Armstrong has followed the curve of this prophecy. Now with a triumphant horn section and frenetic upright bass in tow – following the release of Pocketless Shirt EP – the former Coachella and Austin City Limits performers have turned it up a notch, creating a sound that mixes lascivious rockers with freaky ballads and melody with blues-ey riffing in tight, skillful writing. Keep your eyes peeled for Nic Armstrong & The Thieves in twenty fifteen and beyond.

Doors 9:00 PM. $5. 18+
9:30 PM – Sterling Schroeder
10:30 PM – Nic Armstrong
11:40 PM – Woolly Bushmen

1042 N Mills Avenue, Orlando, Florida

Internet Troll Apologizes (He Confused This Blog with The Orlando Weekly)

Internet Troll: A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues. Such arguments can happen on blogs, Facebook, Myspace and a host of others.  Definition by Urban Dictionary.

On a recent post about a local establishment, a troll posted a comment.

Troll arguement


I feel embarrassed for responding.  To make matters worse, the argument continued.

Troll arguement 2


The next morning I received an e-mail from him. You can read the words underneath the pic.

Internet troll apologizes

Hello there,

Woke up today and realized how shitheaded I was to leave those comments on your blog.  Truth be told I thought that it was the Orlando weekly. Not that that’s some excuse, but I actually already found your blog before and I liked it, it’s not something I’d want to shit on but rather something very nice you do that should be supported.  Thanks for being a good sport about it,  I really need to not use the Internet when I’ve had a night involving three types of liquor.  In summary, I’m sorry pal. None of that stuff I wrote was even a little necessary for me to say and keep up the good work.

-Stephen Yeago

I’m not mad at the guy for trolling.  Trolls attacking my blogs are a good thing. If a blog is shitty, trolls won’t attack it.

What does catch my attention is his confusing this blog with the Orlando Weekly.  I really don’t know how to take that.

As for being a “bro”, I think “bro” is in reference to white frat boys. Not “brothas” which references black guys.  Yet, as for being a “bro” blog, the occasional booty pic does appear.

Mi VIda Loca Booty

Yet, this isn’t really a “bro” blog.

All is forgiven, Steven. Thanx for inspiring another blog.

3 Sunday Things to do in Orlando: May 31, 2015

For Sunday, here are three cool things to do in Orlando for May 31, 2015.

1. Above Sundaze: Starts 4pm at Vain Skyloft, located 22 South Magnolia., Orlando, Fl.

Above Sunaze


Words from Dennis Mero:

Above Sundaze is every Sunday at the Sky Loft Roof Top of club Vain and is brought to you by Kenneth Santo Domingo, Dj Prankstisci and Dennis Mero. No cover, free Mimosas and Sangria 4-6pm for the ladies and 10$ unlimited Mimosas and Sangria 4-6pm for the Gentleman. Doors open at 4pm-??

We play Big City Sounds (deep house, G-house, Techno, Reggae and Sunday Hip-hop)

2. THE GRAND COLLAB: Starts 7:30pm at Will’s Pub, located 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

The Grand Collab May 31


Words from Facebook:

The Grand Collab is back bringing you the very best in locally sourced sonic significance! Here’s this month’s line-up:

Siren Sea




Kristen Warren

Hosted by TKO

With Resident DJs The VLA – DJ Cub & Jazzthieve

Vintage Pop-Up Shop by Day Glo Diva

Mark your calendars, this is a show you won’t want to miss!

Will’s Pub
7:30 p.m.// 21+// $7

3. WPRK Community Cocktail Hour: 5:30pm to 8pm at Stardust Video & Coffee, located 1842 E Winter Park Rd, Orlando, Florida.

wprk community cocktail hour

Words from Facebook:

Let’s all say “hi” and have a drink.

Join the WPRK CAC for a cocktail hour at Stardust Video & Coffee. Everyone is welcome: Past and present WPRK stakeholders, DJs, student directors, superfans and the many other motley supporters of the Voice of Rollins College.

A sliding-scale donation of $5-10 is requested but not required. This is the first of two annual cocktail hours. The WPRK CAC is a booster organization that supports the educational and broadcast mission of WPRK.

8 Saturday Things to do in Orlando: May 30, 2015

Here’s eight things to do in or around Orlando for Saturday, May 30, 2015. Three contains live entertainment. One of these events are an all-day event. Four events are DJ events. One of those events contain live painting. Another is an all-night event. Plus we have one art opening.

1. WEST END’S 9TH ANNUAL HURRICANE PARTY w/THE MOVEMENT, BALLYHOO!, BEEBS & HER MONEYMAKERSS AND MORE!!!: From 11AM to 1AM at West End Trading Co., located 202 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771.

West End Hurrican Party 9

Words from Facebook;

Tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1GV2tBQ

$20 presale/ $30 Day of show ($5 under 21 charge at gate)

5 stages and 40 plus bands!!! First bands kick off at noon sharp!

The Movement
Beebs and Her Money Makers
Whole Wheat Bread
The Bastard Suns
Kaleigh Baker
Swam and Divinci from Solillaquists of Sound
American Party Machine
The Whitey Tighties
The Legendary JC’s
Hurricane Charley
Hannah Harber & the Lionhearts
DJ Gary Dread
Abandon The Midwest
Trees of Life
Kids Without a Hero
The Tattered Saints
Steve Kent
Shane Alan Hardenbrook
Joshua Snyder
Robby Lapp
Rhenn Again
The Wild Tones
That Guy
The Luna Bellum
Bothering Dennis
Marshawn Jackson
Broke on Dyer
Severed By Faith
Fight Fall
The Witching Hour
Years Of Impact
Suck Brick Kid
Clear Convictions
Space Brain
Entombed in the Abyss
B Kraft
and more to be announced!!!!

Hosts of the street party/music festival are West End Trading Co., Celery City Craft, Rabbitfoot Records Coffee Lounge, Inner Compass Brewing Company, OrlandoBands.com, ЯPR (Rahoe Productions & Representation)

Big shout out to our sponsors Big Storm Brewing Co., Fireball Whisky Orlando, Fireball Whisky, Deep Eddy Vodka

Kona Dog
TJ’s Seafood Shack
Los Munchies
Willy T’s Crab Shack
El Cactus Azul
Ice Cream Social club
Barnwood BBQ
Magic 4 UR Palate

2. Lo-Fi Scramble! A Renegade Brunch…: 12pm to  4pm at Barley and Vine Biergarten, located 2406 E Washington St, Orlando, Florida 32803.

lo-fi scramble may 30

Words from Facebook:

Lo-Fi Scramble is back again on Saturday May 30th at a new venue, Barley and Vine Biergarten!!

The Lo-Fi crew has gone rouge with a pop-up brunch care of Tara & J Travis‘ Uncommon Catering!!!

Tunes will be provided by Lola B. and Mathew Scot .

All of your drinks delights care of Benjamin Gray!

Enjoy some of these Brunchie Munchies, A La Carte!

“Lox Box” – Smoked Salmon w/ all the Accoutrements…

Red-Eyed Gravy w/ Pancetta & Buttermilk Biscuits…

Jalapeño-Bacon Pancakes w/ Bacon Jam & Guava-Cream Cheese…

Yogurt Parfait w/ Granola, Local Orange-Blossom Honey & Seasonal Fruit…

Chef’s Whim Quiche…

3. Maniacal Mojo Presents: SUPERFEST featuring SUPERBOB AND MORE!!!: Starts 6pm at Haven Lounge, 6700 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, Florida 32792.

Maniacal Mojo May 30

Words from Facebook:

Show at 6pm
$10 cover / ages 18 up
Non Smoking Event Indoors

Super bob
Together In Exile
Kept Quiet
i woke up early for my funeral
The Glorious Rebellion

4. “TEXT” group art show at The Barefoot Spa IN A WEEK!: From 6pm to 9pm at The Barefoot Spa, 801 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Art Show by Parker Sketch

Words from Facebook:

“TEXT” features the work of 30 Central Florida artists. The connecting theme of this show is the use of words and numbers in art. Included are paintings, sculptures, photography and multi media pieces. The collection is diverse vibrant and interesting.

This show will be up for the months of May, June and July at
The Barefoot Spa
(801 Virginia, Orlando FL, 32803).
Hours; 10 to 5 daily (closed Sundays)

The reception will be on Saturday May 30th from 6 to 9 PM. Most of the artists will be available at the reception to speak to you about their art. Please make time in your schedule to support the Central Florida art community!

The participating artists are;
Adrienne H. Lee
Andrew Haubert
Angela Hinton
Bonnie Sprung
Carrie Perman
Carl Jordan
Christie Hufford (Mad House Art and Trickets)
Cindy Murray
Delores Haberkorn
Donna Calhoun
Donna Surles
Galina Crosby
Georgie Pratt
Glaucia Mir
Heather Gedmin Drucker
J.R. St. Jean
Kathryn McHenry
Kyle Heinley
Linda Saracino
Lisa Simon
L.K. Phipps
Lydia Bladen
Marien A. Pena
Megan Paquette
M Pilar Vargas
Natalija Navaras
Parker Sketch
Phyllis “Pannet” Taylor
Rya Kukina
Summer Meury
Vanessa Bernal
Vanessa Vache

5. Europa’s EP release with Goodmorning, Love, Velocirapture & Odessos: Starts 8pm at Will’s Pub, 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Europa's EP release at Will's Pub

Words from Facebook:

Come hang out as we celebrate and perform our new EP, Children. We have been working on this record for over 6 months and are so excited to finally share it with everyone. The EP can be streamed and downloaded on europa.bandcamp.com! and we will have physical copies at the show on May 30th. We have some of our favorite bands and best friends sharing the stage with us that night; Goodmorning, Love, Velocirapture and Odessos. Thank you for your patience and continued support. See you soon!

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1IwOyjP

6. HOOPLA 5.30 | NLP: From 9pm to 2am at Native, 27 W Church St, Orlando, Florida 32801.

Hoopla 5.30

Words from Facebook:

5.30 – NLP
6.06 – DJ Knightlilfe & Seth Vogt
6.13 – Residents – UFC 188
6.20 – TorqueDNB – 16th Year Anniversary
6.27 – Baby Anne & Bella http://ticketf.ly/1PvSngR
7-04 – DJ Micro – Birthday Celebration
7-09 – Thursday HOOLA with MASSIVE headliner !
7-11 – Residents – UFC 189
7-18 –
7-25 –
8-22 – MASSIVE headliner announcement !
This is not a rave… LIGHTS and PROPS not permitted

Inbox Justin Faze for information

7. MARK STARR (Dirtybird) @ The Network: Starts 9pm at Sandwich Bar, 2432 E Robinson St, Orlando, Florida 32803.
Mark Star at the network may 30
Words from Facebook:

A symbiotic party where everyone plays a significant role in whats going on. Bring something to paint on, some dancing shoes and come ready to connect with some of the most beautiful, talented and progressive souls in Orlando.

Showcasing and merging some of the most captivating and spine tingling underground music and art in order to form connections to further inoculate the rest of the world with righteous positive vibes and action




Sage Armstrong B2B Jai Biotic



Queens of Noise


Danny G




Veronika Rose

Jeneye Sunlion

Justin Barrows Art

Vanj Forlostsoulz



Mr. John Alamo

Eric Williams


Jon-Michael Birt


!0:00Pm – ??

FREE till 10:00pm
$10 After


Mos Gyegst


8. RabbitHole: From 10pm to 6am at The Castle, located 1025 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL.
Rabbit Hole May 30
Words from Facebook:
Early Morning Music in association with 4YOU&ME, & WTF Ent. present a new late-night / early-morning concept for our RabbitHole experience!

2 areas of sound // food and drinks // open till late

And of course, the best music we have to offer…


Kenny Hope
Early Morning Music | Kanja Recor Ds | Listen:React

Michael Rosa
Deep Tech Records | EarlyMorning | Showreel Records

Dub Creative Group

Renzo Ruiz

Rob Prynge

Stephen Alzate


Carlos Mendoza
Xima Records | Stereo Productions

Leo Montoya

Chillin Music

Mario Rosenthal


Jeff Moreno

Powered by Master Sound Productions,

who will be bringing out a top of the line Martin Audio sound system with as many watts as the breakers will allow us to bring for the main room along with lights.
We’ll also have proper sound outside on the Terrace.

18+ Welcome
Doors open at 10PM

$10 – 21+
$15 – 18-20
1/2 OFF Entry from 10PM-11:30PM
Orlando City Ticket holders $5 COVER before 2AM
(Must show ticket stub)