Orlando’s Milk Bar NOT Closing: An Email told me so.

Looks like I’ve been told off.  I was asking for it. A couple hours ago, I posted a blog about the Milk Bar closing.

Well, an email exchange told me differently.

Before you read, let me say this. I hate when establishments do things and not expect folks to call them out on it. When someone complains on Facebook about an establishment, I think their voice needs to be heard. Why? Because I think others should be aware. If the person lied, the establishment can easily tell me different. Yet, I know. I’m not the Orlando Weekly or the Orlando Sentinel. This is just a blog being done by someone who’s been involved in Orlando’s cultural scene since 1991. Because of that, I guess I wouldn’t have many people following this blog.

Okay, here’s an email exchange I had with the Milk Bar owner’s wife. By the way, I wrote a nice blog about the place in the past.

Serena Ashman 1

Serena Ashman 2

Serena Ashman 3

Serena Ashman 4

Now, let me answer some of this. Jessica Pawli is one of the most respected promoters living in Central Florida.  If she said it was true, I am more inclined to believe it. When she posted the expired license, her words seemed more credible.

Orlando's The Milk Bar Expired License

Remember, she wasn’t the only one complaining about a bar being closed.  Also, Suzan Elizabeth is one of Central Florida’s most respected artist. Because I admire her talents so damned much, that’s why I tolerate her “non-artistic moments.”  So, when I found out she got screwed?  Well, you just don’t fuck around with people’s friends.  Plus Suzan did not have to call the establishment. If it was going to be closed,  the establishment should have called HER. If they did, that’s cool. Also, Jessica never indicated the bar was permanently closed.

If I’m the asshole, so be it.  Plus, my apologies to Milk Bar for putting out anything false.


3 thoughts on “Orlando’s Milk Bar NOT Closing: An Email told me so.

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  2. Patrick …ur not an asshole…just quick to judgment…what if I’d been in a car accident…or my wife had…what you did was gang up on a person you don’t know.. Without doing any research…imnot angry..actually find it amusing…working w Susan to reschedule… Hope u post an THAT and my offer to throw a BBQ and free beer at her gig…should she choose to accept my offer…life happens…thanks for seeing both sides of the issue.. Bret

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