Orlando Crowd Enjoys Comedians Luke Cunningham and Seth Herzog

Last night (Tuesday), I drove to Orlando’s Will’s Pub.  At the last minute, comedians Luke Cunningham and  Seth Herzog was scheduled to perform. Seth Herzog is a warm-up comedian for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Luke Cunningham writes for the show.

Earlier, Jimmy himself taped a show at Universal Studios.

The Will’s Pub event was free.

As I arrived, a long line waited to enter.

Will's Pub Line for Seth Herzog

With me was my camera in a gym bag.  Walking to the front of the line, I asked the nice door lady would they allow me in with the bag.  For some reason, I thought because these guys were pros, me coming in with a bag may present a problem.  Actually, I was worried about them allowing a “pro” camera.

“You’re going to blog about it?” the door lady asked.

“Yep,” I answered.

The door lady allowed me in.  The door lady was a dear friend who knew about my nightlife blog.

Waiting for brew at the heavily crowded bar counter,  I missed part of Luke Cunningham’s act. Actually, I missed a huge chunk of his act.  After getting brew, I was busy trying to find the right spot to photograph him.

I moved in as close as I can to the stage, and wound up pissing people off.   I was still near the back.  I stood in front of a short guy.

“Oh, don’t stand there!” he yelled.

I moved over.

“You happy now?” I asked.

Now, I was standing in front of a short woman.

“Don’t you see her standing there?” a female yelled.

Irritated I moved on.

“Oh, what the fuck ever!” I said.

I felt embarrassed using that kind of language.  True enough, my actions did appear inconsiderate. Still, if you’re short, why in the fuck would you stand in the back? Plus have the audacity to insist folks shouldn’t stand in front of you.

I did manage a decent shot of Luke Cunningham. Definitely not perfect.  Yet, I’ll live with it.

Luke Cunningham at Will's Pub

Because I missed most of his show, I can’t give you my personal opinion on Luke Cunningham’s act.  Yet, I will say folks were entertained and enjoyed the hell out of him.  Luke Cunningham gained the laughs he was aiming for.

Next, Seth Herzog performed.  First, theme  music from the 70’s TV Series Wonder Woman played.  In a jogging suit, Seth was dancing onstage.  Next, he took off his jogging suit to reveal he was wearing a Wonder Woman costume.

Seth Herzog in Wonder Woman Costume

I enjoyed Seth’s tales about New York. A real funny story dealt with a guy yelling at folks calling him gay.

During part of his act, Seth asked what was the bad part of town.  Some idiot yelled Pine Hills.

Okay, for those unfamiliar with Orlando, I shall tell you what area you really should avoid.  Tourists should avoid International Drive. If a person wishes not to experience muggings, International Drive should be avoided at all costs.

Seth also told a funny joke about Leesburg, Florida, a hicktown you don’t spend your Florida vacation at.

Everyone enjoyed themselves that night.

Still, I left asking myself the same question over and over.  If you’re short, why in the fuck would you stand in the back?


The following gallery are scenes from the event.



2 thoughts on “Orlando Crowd Enjoys Comedians Luke Cunningham and Seth Herzog

  1. Stone….speaking as a former club guy,call ahead of a event like this and see if they can get you in a tad early so you can get in a good spot for your shots. Good post,Herzog sounds funny as hell…

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