7 Top Reasons People Hate Downtown Orlando’s Night Scene

Downtown Orlando

For over a decade, I witnessed people aiming hatred towards Downtown Orlando.  Personally, I think some of it deserved.  Still, I wanted to gather the main culprits inspiring the hatred.  So, I decided to ask my Facebook friends.

Facebook Poll on Downtown Orlando

My Facebook friends are aged mid-twenties to early sixties.  Yet, the main people who answered my poll were mostly thirty-somethings and forty-somethings.

First, I went by how many times a subject came up.  Second, I went by the likes people gave a comment.  That’s how I came up with the top seven reasons people hate Downtown Orlando.

7. No Real Music Lovers: Some feel no real music heads exist downtown. Plus one person mentioned bars not wanting to pay musicians what their time is worth.  That wasn’t the first time I heard a complaint about pay.

(For the record, terrible pay isn’t just a musician problem in Downtown Orlando.  I’ve known other folks, including DJs, with the same complaint.)

6. Bad Service: Some feel service at establishments are slow and often very poor, something I witnessed myself.

5, Paying Entry Fees: As some agree establishments  have  to pay rent, some folks can’t comprehend paying an entry fee when there’s no band.

4. Too Old for Downtown Orlando: Many felt they have outgrown the Downtown Orlando scene.  One person complained about places not catering to the “grown and sexy”.

3. Predatory Tow Trucks: For the many towings you see, you wonder if Downtown Orlando and tow truck companies are in cahoots with one another.

If anything, tow truck companies are worse than greedy offspring wishing early death on a rich parent.  Definitely watch were you park in Downtown Orlando.  One parking mistake leaves a huge hole in your wallet or purse.

2. Parking: Free parking does exist.  Yet, one should arrive early to find it.  Plus, for some spots, be prepared for a long walk from your spot to your destination.

Also, many find parking too expensive. For many, parking fees are a huge turn-off.

1. Douche Bags: Where do we start?  First, some agreed annoying white people hang Downtown. (For the record, other white people said this.) Also, some agreed people love to instigate fights Downtown.  One person mentioned douche bag bouncers.  Then, others agreed douche bags wearing tight shiny shirts are annoying.

Of all the reasons people hate Downtown Orlando, douche bags rank number one.

Honorable Mention: Costs Too Much!  Add parking fees, entry fees and drinks.  Plus add price of gas.  Is all that worth dealing with douche bags and bad service?

Now, you know why many people hate Downtown Orlando.



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