Aquatic Bass 6 Hosts Boat Party and Beach Party


From their Facebook page:

Future Sound Of Breaks, Cognitive Music, DogEatDog Records, Fundamental Breakz Collective & Digital Davinci present

BreaKation 2016! July 2nd – July 3rd

Aquatic Bass 6 & Aquatic Bass 6.5

Join us for a fun filled July 4th weekend of Bass & Breaks in a collaborative effort with some of Breaks finest brands and of course the great people that support them.

Aquatic Bass 6 Boat Party
July 2nd 6:00pm-1:00am
Victory Casino Cruises
180 Christopher Columbus Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
Terminal B-2 Port Canaveral

Straight from Spain we bring you one of breaks biggest and best DJ/Producer’s:

(Spain – iBreaks / Cognitive Music / DEDR / Funky Flavor Music)

From the UK we bring you 601 from the acclaimed Stanton Warrior’s label “Punks”:

(UK – Punks / InBeatWeTrust Music / LW Recordings)

DJ D-Xtreme
Rob-E & Security
Seth Vogt
Rogue Planet
Jason Brown
DJ Versa-Style
Devine Noise
Dave Gluskin
Rich Doss
DJ Mac
Zack Lee

Aquatic Bass 6.5 Beach Party
July 3rd 10:00am-10:00pm
The Ocean Deck at Wakulla Suites
3550 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Kid Friendly!!!!

Keith Mackenzie
(illeven:eleven Recordings / DEDR)

(Zone / 808 Life / Culture)

(FSOB / Bombtraxx / Kikwear)

Andy Hughes
DJ Knightlife
DJ Chronic
Def Jeff
Joe G
DJ J-Rod
DJ Zolo
Kaun vs Avid

“Important Info” TICKETS – All tickets must be bought through Aquatic Bass ticketing. We are the only providers of the special Aquatic Bass BreaKation tickets. These tickets will be only available through the Aquatic Bass online ticketing agent. Please visit the link below to buy tickets or look for tickets on the Facebook event page only. Thanks

Save $5 when you buy a 2-Day Ticket – Get tickets now at this early bird discounted rate!

Aquatic Bass 6 GA Ticket – $20 (General Admission for Aquatic Bass 6 Boat Party at Victory Casino Cruises)

Aquatic Bass 6.5 GA Ticket – $20 (General Admission for Aquatic Bass 6.5 Beach Party at The Ocean Deck at Wakulla Suites)

Aquatic Bass 6 & 6.5 Combined 2-Day Ticket – $35 (Combined ticket for Aquatic Bass 6 & 6.5 Boat Party & Beach Party)

Boarding Fee for the Victory Casino Ship is INCLUDED in ticket price.

Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets to enter the drawing to win a pair of All Deck’d Out Technics 1200’s turntables. The decks will be raffled off at 6pm at Aquatic Bass 6.5 at The Ocean Deck at Wakulla Suites. You must be present to win. See Facebook event page for info on buying raffle tickets.

No Guest List – AB HQ

Here’s some past pics from Aquatic Bass events.



Aquatic Bass V: Another Fun Orlando Pool Party Event

Last month, I attended Aquatic Bass V,  an Orlando pool party series.

Aquatic bass 5

Actually, my friend Joe Vaught drove us.  Like usual, the event centered around breaks music. Also, it remained a family-oriented event.  Some folks brought their kids.

Drink prices and food prices were reasonable. If anything, a person could buy a tall Rolling Rock for three bucks. As for food, I paid eight bucks for a combo: a cheeseburger, chips, pasta and a drink.

Rain threatened us twice.  Because of lightening, folks were ordered out of the pool. Still, the party continued.

I do have one complaint. The fault isn’t with the organizers.  I just wish the event gained more coverage.  Not for the sake of gaining a larger crowd, but because I feel more people would enjoy the event.

Just about everyone who attended Aquatic Bass V definitely enjoyed it. Some folks enjoyed the pool. Later on, many people danced, even the kids. Everyone’s main focus was fun. If you enjoy going to places just to be seen, Aquatic Bass isn’t your type of event.

Aquatic Bass VI happens August 15.  I’ll be there.

To see some amazing picss visit Brian Miller Photo:

Here’s my pics.

Crowds at Orlando’s FUNKY Flavor Events Grows Continually

Earlier this month, I photographed another Suite B event.Funky Flavor presents Agent K

For new readers, Suite B Lounge exists in Downtown Orlando.

Timothy Barnard and Scotty Fraser both hosted the breaks music event.

Timothy Barnard and Scotty Fraser

Timothy Barnard and Scotty Fraser

Earlier in the evening, only a few people attended, something that worried folks. Yet, as time carried on, more and more people showed.

After following Funky Flavor in the past months, I still believe moving to Suite B proved wise. The crowds continue to grow.

Enjoy the pics.

Funk da Fire: Geebo Mix Release Party at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Two Saturday nights back, I attended Funk da Fire, a Geebo mix release party.
Funk da Fire

Geebo is a DJ I’ve seen over the years.

The party itself was hosted by Scotty Fraser.

Geebo and Scotty Fraser

Geebo and Scotty Fraser

Scotty hosted Progress, a previous event I attended and blogged about. Tonight, more folks showed than the previous event. I guess this means Scotty’s are growing, a good sign.

Some of the people and DJs were folks I saw at Aquatic Bass pool parties. Just like at Aquatic Bass, most of the music was break beat.

Because of the friendly atmosphere and good music, I plan on attending future Scotty Fraser events.  In fact, another event called Break Even is planned for November 8th at The Peacock Room.

Break Even

Enjoy the pics.


Aquatic Bass 3: An Exciting Day of Bikinis and Bass

Last Saturday marked a date I shall never forget. Riding with Joe Vaught, I attended Aquatic Bass 3.

Aquatic Bass 3 Flyer

Organized by Corey James and Jason Brown, Aquatic Bass 3 hosted a line-up of Florida DJs. These DJs  mostly played Florida Breaks music.  This event happened at Orlando’s Monumental Hotel.

Previous days of rainy weather caused me low expectations. I imagined the whole day pouring rain.

It even rained the morning of the event.  One guy began posting negativity on the Aquatic Bass 3 Facebook page, telling the organizers to cancel the event. Responding to the post, Corey basically told the motherfucker to keep his negative ass home.

To calm everyone’s fears about the weather, Corey posted a radar pic showing the rain was blowing over.

My Radar Map

At the event, I planned on documenting just like I did last time. Yet, I wound up being the main photographer for the day.

Just like the radar pic indicated, the rain blew over. Sunshine arrived.

Right along with the event, Amy Noon celebrated her birthday.

Amy Marie Noon - The Birthday Girl

As time passed, more and more folks showed up.

If there were any douche bags at the event, it was probably me.  Why?  Because of pics like this. (I asked permission.)

Back view

Keep in mind, the event is a family event.  Folks bring their kids as the DJs offer the best in breaks and other dance music.  In fact, JG$ played the radio-friendly version of 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny”.

Like last time, the whole vibe proved friendly.  Also, new faces appeared.

One of my personal highlights was seeing Spice of Friction and Spice perform with Jason Brown.   For years, I listened to Friction and Spice’s “Step Into My Dreams”, a song included on a compilation CD released in the 1990’s.

(Later on in the week, I found out Jason Brown had a prior history with water.  He and Robert Millward, a photographer who occasionally contributes to this blog, both worked at the Wet N Wild theme park.)

Another event might be planned.  I’m going. So should you, dear reader.

Aquatic Bass 3: An Orlando Pool Party Happening September 20!

Last month I blogged about Aquatic Bass, a Central Florida pool party featuring Orlando DJs. The first two happened at Howard Johnson Orlando (actually, it’s in Altamonte Springs). I missed the first one. Yet, I attended the second event.

Saturday, September 20, Aquatic Bass 3 happens at Monumental Hotel Orlando, located on International Drive.

Monumental Hotel Orlando

Photo by Corey James.

Presale tickets can be purchased at

In the previous blog, I mentioned children attending, a first I ever witnessed at a corporate sponsored pool party. During a phone conversation, Corey James (one of the hosts) told me that was intentional. The idea is family fun mixed with the Florida Breaks culture.

Jason Brown is the other host. He’s also one of the DJs.

For over ten hours of music, patrons pay ten dollars. Plus most liquor drinks are between three to five bucks.

IK Multimedia sponsors the event. The company creates iRig MIX, mobile mixers for iPhones, iPods and iPads. Also, they provide mobile mixers for Android.

Included among $6,000 worth of merchandise are e-cigarettes and voice microphones. People have already won e-cigarettes.

Unlike the previous two events, Aquatic Bass has total control of the hotel. I have yet seen an Orlando pool party with those bragging rights.

As of this writing more than half of the tickets are already sold. For family fun and good DJs, I recommend attending Aquatic Bass 3.

aquatic bass 3

The following are hotel pool pics by Corey James.

Fun Time at Aquatic BASS ll, An Orlando Pool Party Event

Last Saturday, along with my buddy Joe Vaught, I attended Aquatic BASS II.

Aquatic BASS IIHosted by Corey James and Jason Brown, the pool party invaded a Howard Johnson Plaza located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. For those who don’t know Florida, Altamonte Springs exists on the edge of Orlando. In some spots, you travel through Maitland first. As you may hear people say Orlando party, many outsiders don’t know Altamonte Springs. Yet, they do know Orlando. That’s why you might hear Orlando party.

I didn’t know were the previous location was. Yet, this was the second party of the series.

Parking was no problem finding. Entry fee was five bucks. After Joe paid our way, we received a blue rubber bracelet. (I had the money. Joe was just being nice.)

Actually, the bracelet was a blue and white Tye-die style with the words “Breaks Warrior For Life!” on it. Also, it advertised “”.

The event started at 11AM. I think Joe and I arrived around 1PM.

Already, I noticed the difference from previous, big event, pool parties I attended. Unlike previous parties, this was the first one I noticed people bringing kids. I thought nothing wrong with that. I just noticed it.

Just like the rubber bracelet indicated, most of the DJs played breakbeat dance music. Back in the 90’s, Florida created its own version of the genre. Some DJs played mp3 music. Some played vinyl.

I soon pulled out my camera. Some days back, I asked permission could I photograph the event.

Some people swam in the pool. Others watched the DJs. Some chatted with friends. Later on, some folks danced to the music.

I heard the organizers already planned a September event. Because I enjoyed this one, I plan on attending the next one.