Three Good Reasons to Admire Kanye West


Almost every month, I witness Facebook hatred aimed at Kanye West, most of it about something he said or allegedly said.

Yet, I still admire Mr. West. These are three reasons why you should too.

1. Kanye’s music does what it supposed to do. I don’t care how Kanye makes his music. Keyboard? Sampler? An actual instrument? I don’t give a shit. If it entertains, the music succeeds. Kanye’s album sales and awards prove this.

For those who doubt Kanye’s talent, try his production style and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t work for you, it may prove the only thing you’re really good at is talking shit about other people, especially ones making more money than you.

Some people may accuse me of being manipulated by Big Corporate Media. Oh, go fuck yourselves. Save that conspiracy theory for white Australian women rapping in a Southern African-American dialect. Then, we can discuss Big Corporate Media manipulating people into buying shitty music.

As for now, I’m sticking with the claim Kanye produces good music.

2. Kanye married a beautiful woman with a nice booty. I can see the hate now. So many people see themselves above Kim Kardashian. As for her porn video? For the hatred aimed at Mrs. West, I don’t remember the same amount of hatred aimed at the famous girlfriends or wives of rock stars, women who also recorded porn videos with their other halves.

Also, was it the Kardashians’ fault people were willing to watch (as of this writing) eleven seasons of their reality show? Producers of that show saw the dollar signs and grabbed them. Don’t blame the Kardashians for a successful reality series. Blame the people who want to keep up with the Kardashians.

All that aside, Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman with a nice onion booty, my kind of trophy lady.

3. Kanye’s words contain truth. I credit this reason to my buddy Rick Morrow. After Beck won the 2015 Grammy for Best Album, Kanye held the audacity to speak his mind. Hell, he even walked onstage as if he was going to take Beck’s award. Then, during an interview, he criticized Beck’s winning.

Defending his winning the award, folks called Beck a true artist. Because you know, Beck writes his own music and plays instruments. That’s cool. Still, folks refused admitting the hard cold truth about Beck’s award winning album Morning Phase.

It sucks.

The album is full of boring music attempting a late sixties and early seventies rock sound. But you know, Beck is a true artist.

Kayne saw right through the horse manure and called it out. He said the Grammys was playing with artists. He was right. Why nominate Beyonce for Best Album when there was no way in hell she was going to win? According to “experts” on Facebook, Beyonce lost because she doesn’t play instruments or write her own  music. So, why nominate her in the first place? Why play with artists like that? (For those of you saying Beyonce isn’t an artist, go drink your hater juice somewhere else. Also, she does write her own music.)

At that moment, Kanye brought up a subject many people walk away from. Like my buddy Rick Morrow said, the small truth in Kanye’s words is what pisses some people off the most about him. During Grammy 2015, his words hinted at racism. A talented black woman released an album loved by many, but she was passed over for a white guy’s mediocre album. This is what pissed folks off about Kanye’s Grammy actions. He touched on a truth many folks refused to see. But you know, Beck is a true artist.

This wasn’t the first time Kanye called out the truth. During Hurricane Katrina, he said President Bush didn’t like black people. Folks freaked out. Yet, Kanye was right. During Hurricane Katrina, a disaster affecting predominately black New Orleans, Bush took his sweet time responding.

No matter how crazy Kanye comes across, I gotta give it up to a person who speaks the truth.

So, these are my three reasons for admiring Kanye West.  Those who don’t like it can lick my ass.


The Yuppie Shiteye: Orlando Artist Morgan Steele Explains Life Hustling Art in Central Florida

yuppie shiteye

Anticipating a colorful response, I asked Orlando artist Morgan Steele his views on selling art in The City Beautiful.  Here it is Facebook-style.

Morgan Steele's Yuppy Shiteye

Well, Orlando artists, is this true?

photo credit: Das böse Auge via photopin (license)

Can This Booty Pic Be Considered Art? (Read the blog first.)

Big Booty Redhead

I photographed the above pic back in 2001. The purpose of the photo? Social commentary on the unseen Orlando nightlife. I wanted to show Orlando’s hidden beauty, revolutionary art in a conservative, family town conquered by theme parks.

Dear readers, I just bullshitted you. (Of course, many of you already knew this.) Social commentary, my ass. I wasn’t trying to revolutionize shit.

Still, I did use some artistic techniques. As I photographed the dancer, I positioned the camera vertically, a position I thought complimented the model. Most people hold the camera horizontally. Second, I used an external flash for extra power. Actually, it was something called a slave flash. I used it because I couldn’t attach an external flash to my compact camera. When the small on-camera flash fired, the external flash fired also. Third, to gain more exposure, I set the camera speed to 400 ISO. Last, I turned on the slow shutter speed mode.

Yet, I wasn’t thinking about art. I was just trying to get a decent booty pic.

In fact, I have no ambitions to post this booty pic in an art gallery. I am not even expecting people to label the pic art.

Yet, I am always amazed by what people consider art masterpieces. For instance, I never liked Jackson Pollock’s art. I don’t get it. All I see are paint drips splattered everywhere.


Yet, Jackson Pollock is considered a master artist.

In 1949, LIFE magazine ran an article about Jackson Pollock with this headline: “Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?”

The greatest living painter in the United States may have been some dude splattering paint on a canvas. (Not for nothing, is this a white people thing? I don’t see many people of color praising Jackson Pollock.)

If Pollack’s work is considered art, my booty pics definitely deserve art gallery display. Yet, I really have no ambitions for that.

Then, there’s Piss Christ. A dude places a plastic crucifix in a jar of urine. Then, he photographs it. In one way, I find the photo brave; a person owned a pair of balls and photographed Christ in piss. Seeing what Jesus Christ means to many people, I see the high shock value.


Still, I often wonder if the artist Andres Serrano only did this for the shock value and nothing else, something I have no problem with. Yet, I also wonder if people over-intellectualize the obvious.

Check this out from The Fine Art Diner Blog: “It is absolutely possible that Mr. Serrano intended only to create a sensational piece to infuriate Christians, but as Christians, does the piece contain a message which we should be in tune with, and, instead of being controversial, Piss Christ becomes instructional?”

Here’s another one: “Ultimately, Piss Christ is a triumph of Love for Christians,..”

I don’t see a lesson or triumph. I see Christ in piss. I see the huge possibility of Mr. Serrano creating something just to piss off Christians.

After my death, I hope no one ever over-intellectualize my booty pics.  They’re just pics of booty, nothing else.

Truth be known, my booty pics does not even rank high on the shock value as Piss Christ. My booty pics only infuriates women with no booty.

Yet, I did find a booty pic that ranks close to Piss Christ. Someone in a Facebook group posted a pic of a big booty nun wearing a thong.

So, is this booty pic art? What are your views?

big booty black nun wearing a thong