Drunk Couple Arguing at Lake Eola

Lake Eolo Fountain at Night

After leaving Downtown Orlando’s Beth Burgers, I walked to Lake Eola. Because I photographed a nightclub earlier, I was carrying my gym bag containing camera equipment.

I sat on a park bench. I stretched out both my legs and arms. Then, I drifted into relax mode.

About thirty minutes later, a young white couple appeared on my right. I guessed both ages early to mid-twenties. Dude’s brown hair wasn’t shoulder-length. Yet, it wasn’t short either. He wore a baseball cap, sweatpants and t-shirt. I really couldn’t see clothing colors in the dark.

The young lady I guess had blonde hair with the patch of another color mixed in.

The young lady walked towards the lake.

“Come on,” Dude said.

“I’m tired of you ordering me around,” the young lady said. “Would you please go away?”

She was almost crying.

This went on for awhile. As he continued ordering her to come on, Dude’s behavior was kind of pissing me off. Yet, I remained quiet.

I keep wondering why the fuck do young girls fall for guys like this.

Dude gave up and walked away. Then, turned and started yelling for her to come on again.

As he walked off, the young lady walked farther down the lake’s edge behind him.

Next, a white guy who appeared to be in his early thirties sat beside me. He wore jeans and t-shirt. I noticed an ink spot by his right eye.

He told me the couple was on the other side of the lake arguing. Now, he was out to protect the Damsel in Distress.

“She told me he knows Taekwondo,” the guy said. “I know street fighting.”

The couple argued some more. Damsel in Distress complained about being ignored. Then, Dude tried explaining. By this time, I figured Dude was afraid for Damsel in Distress and didn’t want to leave her alone by the lake. I didn’t blame him.

Yet, I could’ve sworn I heard him say something about an earlier conflict with “homeless niggers”.

With me being black and walking around with a gym bag at night, I guess some folks would assume I was homeless. Was his mentioning “homeless niggers”  for my benefit? And was he including white Street Fighter too?

Next, Dude walked off again.

“That’s not right, man,” Street Fighter said.

“Shut up,” Dude said.

The shouting match continued until Dude threatened to kick Street Fighter’s ass. Street Fighter challenged him. Dude started walking towards him. Street Fighter quickly began walking away.

Damsel in Distress tried calming Dude down.

“No,” she started yelling. “Don’t.”

Thinking a fight was about to throw down, I put my cell phone on video. Yet, because Street Fighter walked away, nothing happened.

Dude turned and started walking away. Now, Damsel in Distress finally looked at me for the first time.

“You find this amusing for your laughing soundtrack?!” she yelled at me.

Let’s see. Drunk white people was arguing in front of me at Lake Eola. A guy who claimed to be a street fighter turned out to be a loud mouth pussy. Plus Damsel in Distress’ idiot male friend was all hyped about kicking some guy’s ass, someone who might have been mentally ill and homeless. Oh no, I didn’t find this amusing.

Speaking of kicking ass, Damsel in Distress said she was going to kick mine. Now, what would make a young white girl say she would kick a full-grown, black man’s ass? I guess I was just going to sit there, let her swing at me and not beat the fuck out of her.

Dude didn’t say anything to me. He kept walking and Damsel in Distress followed him. If Dude really did know Taekwondo, I didn’t think he was scared of me.

Still, thanks to crazy white folks, a black man couldn’t enjoy peace and quiet at Lake Eola. It was bad enough a Confederate soldier statue stood on the other side of the lake. Now, these crazy white folks fucked up my Zen.

I kind of had an idea what caused the argument. Damsel in Distress didn’t get the attention she wanted. Because of that, her panties got all twisted. Drunk and pissed off, the whole world now had to pay attention to her. It wasn’t a coincidence she happened to stop near me. Was I supposed to be like Street Fighter and play Captain Save-A-Hoe? I didn’t know. I did know when a woman hits age forty and continues this; it ain’t pretty. Watching a grown-assed woman throw temper tantrums is not a beautiful sight.

Because my Zen was interrupted, I stood up and walked away from Lake Eola.


4 thoughts on “Drunk Couple Arguing at Lake Eola

  1. The moral of the story: You should have shot them both and blamed the Confederate statue. Stone,why is Florida such a fucked up state?

  2. Crazy stuff. They always pick on the black guy when they feel weak and helpless.

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