Is the Word “Legend” being Overused in Orlando’s DJ Community?

Eye Spy Dance Floor 3

Before I reached the venue, I heard the headliner DJ was a legend. When I finally heard the legend’s set, disappointment crumbled me.

At another venue, I heard the same thing about another headliner DJ. They were called a legend.

By this time, it appeared “legend” applied to anyone over age forty and DJed since the late eighties or early nineties.

Like the previous legend, this legend’s set tanked also.

Sometimes, I wonder why Orlando falls for this legend crap. Some joker whose heydays are long gone gets the royal treatment…and tanks. Some I even wonder why they are called legend.

It isn’t just the DJ thing either. Recently, I heard an “experienced” promoter owns a nasty habit of not paying DJs. How did the “experienced” person gain access to Orlando’s DJ community? My guess is they talked a lot bullshit folks wanted to hear. Usually the bullshit involves promising success that never happens.

I understand if said DJ created or helped a movement. Yet, does longevity in the game automatically qualifies someone as a legend?

I found out I wasn’t the only one tired of hearing the word “legend”. An Orlando Facebook friend’s post flat-out said the word was being overused.

So, is that the case? Is the word “legend” being overused in Orlando’s DJ community?


4 thoughts on “Is the Word “Legend” being Overused in Orlando’s DJ Community?

  1. I quit going out long ago. I am still friends with lots of Djs I helped in promoting and paying to play.. Your right legend is a heavy word and is being used way to much… But the music hasn’t evolved like I would have liked it to.

  2. A legend in the DJ world is someone who has 20 + years of success in the Nightlife world. You can make the comparisons to boxers, Legendary Mike Tyson, Hagler, Sugar ray, Chavez, Ali etc. Orlando is self has a hand full of legends, Magic Mike, DJ Icey, Kimball Collins, Dave Canalte, Baby Anne and a few others I forgot sorry not from Orlando but know some of Orlando’s Rich History. Every Market has Legends and some shows are great when you have a legend in a room it builds credibility.

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