Downtown Orlando’s Cleo’s Shows DJs the Door

This week on Facebook, friends posted Downtown Orlando spot Cleo’s will no longer host DJ nights. Usually, when a bar gets rid of DJs, it’s usually a bad sign. Also, despite what some bar owners may say, bad skills aren’t why most DJs are let go. Twice I was let go from two different spots.   Both spots had something in common.  For one, as both spots let DJs go, they badmouthed them. Also,  both spots were hurting financially.  One spot closed a year later. From what I was told by friends, the other spot is still hurting. So, when you hear about DJs being let go, rarely is it skills.  Many times it’s financial.

One of the DJs told me Cleo’s situation. (No, it wasn’t the guy in the above pic.)

“Just business as usual. They’ve been slower than usual.  So, the first thing to go is the DJs. A lot of places are having their worse year this year for some reason.”

Rumor has it that Cleo’s is going to use streaming music from Pandora instead.  Last time I witnessed folks exchanging Pandora for the DJ, they failed big time!

I really don’t know Cleo’s fate. Still, getting rid of DJs throws a red flag. If Cleo’s closes down or exchange hands, I wouldn’t be surprised.



2 thoughts on “Downtown Orlando’s Cleo’s Shows DJs the Door

  1. It’s the exact same thing as when clubs that have live bands stop doing that. Sad cycle

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