A Thought-Provoking Art Piece Combines The Confederate Flag and Nazi Swastika

Today on Facebook, I noticed a post containing a thought-provoking art piece by Orland0-based Andrew Spear.   This art piece aims both at the Confederate flag and Nazi swastika.

First, a quote from Mr. Spear.

Andrew Spear quote on Confederate flag


Nazi Confederate Flag by Andrew Spear


8 thoughts on “A Thought-Provoking Art Piece Combines The Confederate Flag and Nazi Swastika

  1. Beyond shallow….a battle flag that was flown over a 150 years ago has ZERO bearing on the gun culture of America today. Its a pathetic way of dismissing the 30,000 killed by firearms every year. The blame solely lies on gun lobbyists,cowardly politicians and death merchants willing to push guns on us all.
    Lying blame on a battle flag is worthless….because his daddy was able to buy a gun and give it to him underneath the Stars and Stripes,the same damn flag that both indentured servants and slavery was allowed. The same flag that was flown as Bush allowed the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 and took to two illegal and immoral wars.

    • Point taken about the guns. Yet, I think the artist was just illustrating how some folks view the flag.

      • I think if they truly studied the flag and the Civil War itself,that narrow mindedness would vanish. As I said,our national flag today is more responsible for death and destruction then a simple battle flag ever was. No one ever wins in a Civil War…did you know that only 3% of the men fighting for the South were plantation/slave holders?

  2. go to hell heritage not hate

  3. Cultural Fascism on the rise. Spree killers await a leader

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