19 Things to do in Orlando This Week for June 15 to June 18, 2015

Anyone who says there’s nothing to do in Orlando deserves a smack across the lips, especially if they’re from New York. From Monday to Thursday, here are 19 things to do this week in and around Orlando for June 15 to June 18, 2015. First, you have two open mics. One is poetry only. Then, there’s beer pong.  Another night contains lessons in Japanese spirit dancing.  Another visits the metaphysical. Another event hosts comedy.  Two nights are DJ nights. Six events contain live entertainment. Celebrating Father’s Day early is a men’s event. (Free shaves.)  Three events are art openings. Plus we have a trivia night.

1.Monday, June 15: Butoh Class: From 8pm to 9:30pm at True Serenity, located 1100 Montana St, Orlando, Florida 32803.


Words from Facebook:

Learn The Ancient Art of Japanese Butoh with Ms. Meka Shama Nism

Butoh Dance is a post World War II Japanese Culture Style of Dance. It is a form of dance therapy expressing feelings through controlled slow movements. These movements come from deep within ourselves allowing us to tap into our emotions. Through these movements we release things we no longer need to hold on to allowing a spiritual healing session just for you.

Ms. Meka Nism trained in Butoh Dance for 3 years during her time in Japan. She trained in Kyoto under the instruction of a woman named Ima Tenko. Meka was deeply moved by Butoh and wants to share it with us all.

Class Begins Monday June 15 8pm-9:30pm
at True Serenity

Please Wear Comfy Clothes
Class is $10

No Prior Dance Training or Dance Skills are Required!!

Come Experience Something New Culturally and Personally

2. Monday, June 15: Open Mic Hosted By Rhenn Again: From 8pm to 12am at The West End Trading Co., located 202 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771.

Open mic mondays 6-15-2015

Words from Facebook:

*Hosted By Rhenn Again
2for1’s on WHOLE BAR until 9pm!
This is a weekly open mic at the West End Trading Company on the front bar stage. This 18+ event takes place in Sanford, FL and is hosted by Rahoe Pro & Rep.

3. Monday, June 15: Zap Dragon & the Attack, Future Kid Sisters, Pasty Cline and The Mailboxes: Starts 8pm at Will’s Pub, located 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Words from Facebook:

Doors at 8 pm / 18+ / $5
Show starts at 9p

Zap Dragon & The Attack

Future Kid Sisters

Pasty Cline

The Mailboxes
(Chattanooga, TN)

David McCorkle

“Trust me, I understand the hardship of having an odd name. And not that rock music necessarily maintains seriousness as a requisite, but having a band moniker like Zap Dragon & the Attack (June 1, Will’s Pub) makes things hard for you before you play a single note. I’m probably not the only one to ever wonder how this Orlando combo can possibly …be good enough to overcome such a silly name. It’s a reasonable question. Then again, it all depends on what you’re going for. But it turns out they’re not some sort of comic-nerd band at all. In fact, their deal is a shiny, skipping ball of jaunty rock, folk twangs and pop hooks that’s cloyingly peppy. They’re often a little south of goofy,but their sweet guilelessness has much more traction and potential when they slow things down and dial it in. Their melodies breathe deeper and their heart beats louder. That’s when their set hit moments of clarity. And it’s where their hope lies.” -Bao Le-Huu

4. Tuesday, June 16: Intuitive Healing Art Class: From 7pm to 8:30pm at True Serenity, 1100 Montana St, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Intuitive Healing Art Class

Words from Facebook:

Learn the Art of channeling to enhance intuitive skills with Barbara Gagliardi.

***This class is the perfect class to embark on now that the
retrograde will be over. Your communication within self and
with others will be more clear and concise. The channeled
messages will be better understood to flow freely in your art
guiding you in your healing process.***

This Class You Will:
Learn how to stretch your psychic abilities

Begin process of healing self and your partner

Energy exercises access higher energies and interpret
communications on paper

Join Barbara in an insightful, intuitive and fun class. Encourage a partner to come

No art abilities necessary!!!

$25 for Class and it INCLUDES ALL SUPPLIES

Event page art work by German Lemus. Painting named “Healing” and is up at True Serenity

5. Tuesday, June 16: BEER PONG TOURNAMENT! WIN $100! FREE ENTRY!: From 9pm to 12am at West End Trading Co., 202 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771.

Beer Pong


Words from Facebook:

Sign up at 9pm. Free to enter. Teams are random draw. Check in on Facebook when you sign up and get a free shot. FREE I said. EVERY TUESDAY!

6. Tuesday, June 16: Speakeasy: The Slackass Edition: From 9pm to 11pm at Will’s Pub, located 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Speakeasy Slackass Edition

Words from Facebook:

Orlando’s hardest-twerking spoken word night is back! The Orlando Fringe Festival was clearly the better excuse to stay out drinking on a weeknight, so Speakeasy took the month of May off. Whaddaya gonna do, fire us?

But seriously, we’re sorry. We assure you we’re open (mike). And we’re totally going to make it up to you in June. We’re gonna try really really hard, and Tod promises to remember everybody’s name when they sign up. We’ll even clean the spiderwebs off the chairs before you sit in them.

Actually, nah. That sounds like a lot of work. Let’s keep this summer vacation rolling with the theme of SLOTH for June 16. Writers, you’re lazily encouraged to show up with rants against the 9-to-5, or hymns to the zen of slack. We guess you could interpret the theme as an excuse to recycle some old stories, but the usual penalties will apply. Which is to say the audience will fall asleep on you. Which is pretty appropriate.

Enough with the hard sell. Speakeasy begins at 9 pm sharp June 16 at Will’s Pub, and we do mean sharp – DJ BMF’s Soul Shakedown takes over at 11. Get up in it, then take Wednesday off. Life’s too short to work hungover.

7. Tuesday, June 16: SOUL SHAKEDOWN: From 11pm to 2am at Will’s Pub, 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Soul Shakedown

Words from Facebook:

Introducing a brand new weekly foray into soul shakin’ good music! Hosted by Phat-N-Jazzy / 45 Friday resident DJ BMF, Soul Shakedown is an all-out dance party celebrating decades of uptempo funk and soul music. From Motown to Northern Soul to 80s disco boogie to P-Funk… we got it! Start practicing your Soul Train line moves now because like the Godfather says “we’re gonna have a funky good time”.


8. Wednesday, June 17: Trivia: Starts 10pm at West End Trading Co., located 202 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771.

Team Trivia

Words from Facebook:

Cash/bar tab prizes for top performers!

9. Wednesday, June 17: Marc With a C’s “ANYTHING GOES” series (with Grace Trotta and Spooky Steve): From 7:45pm to 11pm at The Geek Easy, located 114 S Semoran Blvd Suite 6, Winter Park, Florida 32792.

Anything Goes June 17

Words from Facebook:

A new (possibly) monthly and VERY FREE AND INTERACTIVE residency gig from Marc With a C! Here’s how it rolls: once a month, Marc plays a set of songs. He cannot repeat any of the songs from month to month. In the audience, there will be a bucket where you can vote for songs you want to hear, but… the songs haven’t been written yet! So, you’ll jot down something you want to hear Marc write and sing about. Towards the end of the show, Marc will pick five subjects at random out of the box, the audience will vote for their favorite. By the next show? Marc must have that song ready to premiere for you. You’ll get exactly what you want, and redundancies are a thing of the past during these unpredictable gigs!

Who is opening?
– Grace Trotta (very funny local comedian)
Spooky Steve (disturbing nerdcore, not for the faint of heart)

These openers were picked by popular vote from The Geek Easy’s monthly open mic night. Maybe you’ll open the next one!

The show is free, but we only get paid when you buy some tasty beverages and munchies from the bar. Come on out, try a ‘brand new thing’, and let’s take a really weird voyage together!

10. Wednesday, June 17: The Imperial’s Acoustic Soundcheck w/ Lauren Lester: From 9pm to 12am at The Imperial at Washburn Imports, located 1800 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32804.

Lauren Lester playing guitar


Words from Facebook:

A female vocalist not to be missed. Lauren Lester stops in tonite to sing our troubles away. Friends, Craft Beer, Food and Wine. 21+ No Cover


11. Wednesday, June 17: Spacebar Standup presents … Jason Fifi & Friends: Starts 9:30pm at Spacebar, located 2428 E Robinson St, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Jason Fifi and friends at Spacebar

Words from Facebook:

Special engagement!

Touring comics all the way from Alabama!

$5 suggested donation!

Jason Fifi
Kurt Keller
Trey Brown
and some of Orlando’s favorites!

Show starts at 10 pm, come early for a good seat!

Jason Fifi is the result of a botched Charles Darwin cloning experiment. He has been doing comedy for over or about 15 years, and making people laugh for 10. Those first few years were tough. He is here to make people laugh, think, and love.

Kurt Keller is Montgomery’s own bearded wonder. He has been doing comedy a few years now, and single handedly brought back the Amish look. He likes his craft beers made out of hops, barley, buttons, and scrap fabric. No one knows what sort of secrets he keeps under his hat, as the smell of it is impossible to get over.

Trey Brown is from scenic Montgomery Alabama. Before he got into comedy, he was the King of the Ottoman Empire. At least that’s what he called the foot stools in his blanket fort. After comedy, he realized that making people laugh was his true calling. So he staged a coup and implemented a constitutional monarchy and disbanded his vast empire. He also likes dogs and beer.

Henri Cheramie is a bleeding heart liberal originally from Louisiana, now living in Montgomery, Alabama. He has seven years of film school under his belt and has been doing the comedian thing off and on for a little over twelve years. Currently he is gathering footage for a documentary about the futility of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time, otherwise known as Stand Up Comedy. Also, he volunteers his time counseling wayward teenage badgers.


12. Thursday, June 18: FREE SHOW!!! Lake Worth Long Shots, Succulent Thing & The Mellow Relics: Starts 7pm at West End Trading Co., located 202 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771.

Lake Worth Long Shots

Words from Facebook:


Lake Worth Long Shots
succulent thing
The Mellow Relics

13. Thursday, June 18: WAX NOSTALGIC _BY HOANG TRAN: Starts 6pm at Redefine Art Gallery, located 29 S Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801.

Wax nostalgic


Words from Facebook:

Crayon Carvings by Hoang Tran
June 18 2015
6PM – 10PM
Through July 10
29 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801
At CityArts Factory

About The Artist-
Wax Nostalgic is the work of Hoang Tran, an artist residing in Sunnyvale, CA. Hoang carves geek and pop culture inspired characters out of everyday crayons. He draws influence from a variety of sources including movies, television, animation, comic books and video games.

Each crayon is hand carved using precise dental instruments under a bright light with the naked eye. The multiple colors that some of the carvings have are not made with paint. Instead wax from other colored crayons is melted and carefully applied to the main crayon. Thus each carving is made completely out of crayon wax.

Hoang enjoys combining the nostalgia of crayons from our childhood with the nostalgia of our favorite characters we grew up loving. By using crayons in an entirely new way, he hopes to encourage creative thinking outside the (crayon) box along with showing how ordinary things can become extraordinary.

14. Thursday, June 18: Heroes, Myths and the Make Believe: From 6pm to 9pm at The Gallery at Avalon Island, located 39 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801.

Heroes, Myths and Make Believe

Words from Facebook:

This show features five great painters. Tara Atefi, Plinio Marcos Pinto, Brandon Geurts, Bethany DuVall Thanos and Matt Duke. This is a part of the Third Thursday DowntownArts District Stroll. Kevin Stever and Sean Michael Crabtree will be performing.

15.Thursday, June 18:  B-Side Artists… “Awareness Month” Art Show: From 6pm to 9pm at CityArts Factory, located 29 S Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801.

Awareness Month Art Show

Words from Facebook:

Orlando heavyweights and art community supernovas, the B-Side Artists, assemble once again for their annual group show exhibit “B-Side Artists present… Awareness Month,” June 18th (6-10pm) at City Arts Factory as apart of the Orlando Downtown Arts District’s 3rd Thursday.

As you may recall, last year’s B-Side exhibit was a celebration of the history of the B-Side Artists and included an impressive number of creative participants from the immense artist roster that the group boasts. The exhibit also presented a brand new look and attitude from core member Chris Tobar called “Native,” introduced the digital side of Orlando’s unofficial mayor Swamburger, and was ground zero for the image wellness installation by artist SKIP and photographer Tasha Copley entitled “Franchise: The Ideal Woman,” which quickly sparked a movement worldwide and received press from such outlets as Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

This year the roster will be scaled down to include the more core members of the group, and will focus on bigger and larger pieces, brand new themes and ideas, and a grandeur and wow-factor that has not been seen before by this crew. This is not a new beginning or a reinvention by any means, this is just what happens when you give a group of some of Orlando’s best creative minds the free reign to let loose and the wall space to do it with.
Expect works from Swamburger, Chris Tobar, SKIP, Lucy Fur, Peterson Guerrier, G Lemus, Peter Van Flores III, Tr3 and new member Jon Glassman at City Arts Factory, Thursday, June 18th from 6-10pm. The exhibit is all ages and free to the public.

16. Thursday, June 18: MDMC (2nd Annual) // Milk District Man Cave: From 7pm to 10pm at Etoile Boutique, located 2424 E Robinson St, Orlando, Florida 32803.

milk district man cave 2

Words from Facebook:

Celebrating Father’s Day a little different, a few days early and way more badass, we bring you…

MDMC – The 2nd Annual Milk District Man Cave (ladies welcome too!)
Thursday June 18th 7-10pm
2424-2432 E Robinson St Orlando FL 32803

FREE HOT SHAVES – Jusincredible Cutz
VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES – http://cafemotoclub.com/
– Beard Oil from The School of Beardsmanship
– Leather Goods from Oldvardo Handcrafted Goods
– Jewelry from local metal smith Metal Wisdom
– Custom Furnishings from RJ Original Furniture
– Record Sale from All Vinyl Garage Sale and Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe

RAFFLE (Benefiting The Milk District Non-Profit)
1 ticket for $5 or 3 for $10 on sale during the event
– Milk District Bar Tabs
– Concert tickets from Norsekorea presents:
— House Of Lighting @ BACKBOOTH 6/19
— Murder Junkies @ Backbooth 6/20
— Electric Citizen @ Backbooth 7/24
– Free Tattoo from Little Joe’s Primrose Tattoo Parlor
Etoile Boutique Gift Certificate
– Plus handcrafted giveaways from The School Of Beardsmanship, Old Vardo & Co., Metal Wisdom & RJ Original Furniture
– & More!

Hosted by Sandwich Bar / Spacebar / Etoile Boutique and The Milk Bar

17. Thursday, June 18: Thursday Live Vibe “Family Reunion @ Clarkes”: From 9pm to 2am at Clarke Live Resto-Lounge, located 1113 S. Clarke Rd, Ocoee, Florida 34761.

Thursday Live Vibe Family Reunion

Words from Facebook:

TW Entertainment Presents THURSDAY LIVE VIBE “The Family Reunion”

You are invited to join us for our 9 month anniversary and appreciation show!

Thursday Live Vibe is bringing the show back home to Clarkes Resto-Lounge.

A Grown & Sexy Evening Featuring The Live Vibe Band, Vocalists Tico Patterson, Carmen Harrell, Shep, Mimi, William, Shugg, Dexter, Nran Brewer, Brittany D and more!

Make your table and ticket reservations at www.ThursdayLiveVibe.com or call 321-216-3248

Hosted By Star 94.5 Radio Personality Ms. B & After Party Music Vibe Mixed by DJ 305

Doors open at 8:30pm. Show starts at 9:00pm.

Dress code Sexy Casual


Thank you for your support!

18. Thursday, June 18: BACK IN THE DAY THURSDAY AT WEST END 90’S NIGHT: Starts 9pm at West End Trading Co., located 202 S Sanford Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771.

90s night at westend


Words from Facebook:

Dom from The Supervillains will be selecting your favorite tunes from the 90’s (and a few from other decades)…

90’S PRICING!!!!



19.  Thursday, June 18: Tommy Frenzy’s HARD DRIVE (of the Tuff Darts), Coma Club, Boylectric and Nuka Waves: Starts 8pm at Will’s Pub, located 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Tommy Frenzy at Will's

Words from Facebook:

8pm / 18+ / $7
tickets available at: http://www.willspub.org/event/847471-tommy-frenzys-hard-drive-orlando/ & Park Ave CDs

Tommy Frenzy, current lead singer and guitarist of NYCs Tuff Darts is on the road with Tommy Frenzy’s HARD DRIVE.

The Tuff Darts were the godfathers of punk, coming out of CBGBs in NYC in the late 70’s. Their self titled album on Warner Brothers records is still considered to be one of the best punk rock records to come out of the Bowery NYC. Their song All for the Love of Rock N Roll is the battle cry of punk rock years gone by.

Tommy has played with or opened for The Ramones, The Dead Boys, The Jam, The Stranglers, The Talking Heads, Lou Gramm (Foreigner) Pete Townsend, John Waite, 38 Special, Cyndi Lauper, Blondie, The Runaways (Joan Jett) Ian Hunter and Blue Oyster Cult.

On this tour, he will be featuring mostly Tuff Darts classics like Your love is like nuclear waste, All for the Love, Rats and She’s Dead as well as others. Tommy will be joined onstage with Roger Ain’t Home (bass) and Tony Tourettes (drums)n to prove that “LOUD AND FAST STILL RULES!


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