Bad Art Experience at Orlando’s NV

Every third Thursday, some Downtown Orlando establishments participate in the Third Thursday Art Walk. One of the spots is NV Art Bar.

NV Art

After leaving the Gallery on Avalon Island, I stopped by NV. I had my DSLR camera with me. (For those who don’t know, DSLRs are the cameras where one can remove the lens and replace it with another one.)

A dude carded me at the door. I thought nothing of it. Then, as I entered, a bartender said hello to me. She was a dark-haired woman. Maybe, she was aged late twenties or early thirties. I’m bad at guessing people’s age.

80’s soul music was playing.

Because the bartender said hello, I felt obligated to buy a drink. Sometimes at NV, I would just look at the art and then leave. Other times, I would buy a beer.

“What’s the cheapest you got?” I asked.

“PBR for three bucks,” the bartender said.

Thinking I had a twenty, I pulled out three bucks. I could have sworn I had more money. Now, I felt guilty about not tipping the woman.

“Sorry, this all I got,” I said.

“That’s okay,” she answered.

I reached back into my pocket. Then, I found my twenty.

“Hold on,” I said.

I handed her the twenty.

She walked away. Then, she came back.

“Just pay with the three bucks anyway,” she said.

I paid with the three bucks. Still, I didn’t think anything of it.

I walked upstairs and exchanged a few words with the DJ.

DJ at NV art

Now, I’m wondering where’s Tre Harris, the art curator.

I ran into a friend of mine.

“They let him go,” the friend said. “They thought they didn’t need an art curator.”

After chatting with my friend some more, I left.

I visited other spots on the Art Walk. Then, after spending my twenty at another spot, I walked back to NV. I tipped the bartender a dollar.

The next day, it hit me. Who the fuck cards someone to enter an art event? It wasn’t as if this was an erotic art show. Also, what was the deal with the twenty? Either, they didn’t have change. Or they thought my money was counterfeit. If change was the problem, how can you be open for business and don’t have change for a twenty? Another thing, as someone who worked retail, I know the simplest ways one can spot counterfeit money. One involves holding the money in the light and knowing what to look for.

I had never experienced this before at NV. Because they featured photos of graffiti art created by the infamous Banksy, NV ranked as one of my favorite spots.

They said they didn’t need Tre? If someone actually said that, the statement simply wasn’t true. Understand, I may not have been told the real truth on why Tre was let go.  Still, when people entered NV for the art, Tre made people feel welcomed. What did I receive in Tre’s absence? Some guy carding me at the door. Even though some folks guess my age ten years younger, I do know I look over twenty-one.

That’s why some spots need to be very careful about carding people. Even if no harm was intended, some folks may still get the impression you’re singling them out.  Especially if they obviously look older than twenty-one.

Another thing, I never heard of thugs or homeless people walking around with DSLR cameras.

Whether harm was intended or not, I’m not going back to NV.


6 thoughts on “Bad Art Experience at Orlando’s NV

  1. NV kinda sucks. You didn’t know that already? This article sounds kinda bitchy.

    • Thanx for the comment. In the past, I usually enjoyed NV. During the creation of this blog post, I wondered if I was being too sensitive or did what I perceive was accurate. Truth be known, I could have easily forgotten about the incident and moved on. Yet, I thought it wise to let readers know what kind of experience to expect when they patronize the place. That’s the purpose of some “bitchy” blogs, informing people. I might have perceived wrong. Yet, I figured what hell. Might as well risk looking like an ass instead of keeping quiet about it. Yet, your comment proved what I suspected, the place blows.

  2. love Love LOVE the pic, though. F%ck NV.

  3. I’d hope to hear any follow up on why “Tre was let go…” or why they feel they didn’t need him. In my opinion, there are a few people helping to ‘hold down’ the art scene in and around DT Orlando. Tre to me is definitely one of them.

    You are right, he did make you feel welcome at what ever venue he was curating or helping to promote. Tre is one of those guys (curators) that does it from the heart. He may not always fit into the fru fru style of the upper group of the art scene but who does really. He isn’t a guy who buts on masks to fit in or be accepted. He is who he is and that is a great passionate person. Tre is a TRUE SOLDIER and every art scene regardless of the city or burgh needs more Soldiers, a man in the trenches or the streets. Tre is that guy for us.

    I don’t know the story of the whys or hows but on the surface as a guys who knows and respects Tre…NV made a huge mistake. Your recent visit and experience is a estimate to that.

    ~ Chuck D.

    • Thanx for the words, Chuck. I don’t get it. A guys as dedicated as Tre? And they let him go? Yep, they fucked up.

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