June 6 at Will’s Pub: Nic Armstrong and The Thieves w/ The Wooly Bushmen and Sterling Schroeder & The Chosen Ones

6_6-WillsPub, Orlando

Words from Press Release:

In anticipation of 2015’s follow-up to Pocketless Shirt EP, Brit Pop rocker Nic Armstrong returns to Orlando (last time through with The Bravery and Dead 60s) with a special, handcrafted performance on June 6 at Will’s Pub. Hot locals The Woolly Bushmen and Sterling Schroeder & The Chosen Ones complete the billing for a truly exciting rock and roll event!

“Knife-blade-treble guitars and the vengeful crash of the early Who and Kinks” -ROLLING STONE

“a talented songwriter – a truly exceptional singer” -THE SUNDAY TIMES

“pretty special, man” -NOEL GALLAGHER, OASIS

“Nic Armstrong brings the fuzz and bubblegum in spades…the song writing is so strong.” -PASTE

Nic Armstrong

Nic Armstrong

Nic Armstrong & The Thieves 6 track follow-up to 2013’s Pocketless Shirt EP is currently in production at Cacophony Recorders, Austin, TX.

Raised on real golden oldie rock’n’roll, Nic Armstrong has the voice, the songs and, after a stroke of luck, the backing he needs to follow in the footsteps of his 50s juke box heroes. A son of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in northern England, Nic and his incendiary band, The Thieves, have ripped it up on tours across the United States, U.K. and on the European continent with icons
such as The Pretenders, Oasis and Paul Weller of The Jam.

After New West Records released debut The Greatest White Liar across North America, Nic landed in pre- gold rush Austin, TX, with one carrier bag of clothes, a critically acclaimed record and a burgeoning live reputation. On his very first night in the USA, a wizened Austin soothsayer-cum-cartoon-bad-guy howled at Nic, “Once you are here you will never leave!”. Surprised by the weather and the warmth of the locals, it appears that Armstrong has followed the curve of this prophecy. Now with a triumphant horn section and frenetic upright bass in tow – following the release of Pocketless Shirt EP – the former Coachella and Austin City Limits performers have turned it up a notch, creating a sound that mixes lascivious rockers with freaky ballads and melody with blues-ey riffing in tight, skillful writing. Keep your eyes peeled for Nic Armstrong & The Thieves in twenty fifteen and beyond.

Doors 9:00 PM. $5. 18+
9:30 PM – Sterling Schroeder
10:30 PM – Nic Armstrong
11:40 PM – Woolly Bushmen

1042 N Mills Avenue, Orlando, Florida


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