Epic Facebook Rant Annihilates Orlando Hipster Haven Stardust Video and Coffee

Today, I noticed an epic Facebook rant about Stardust Video and Coffee. Previously, I wrote a blog praising Stardust.

Yet, my friend Don Grace III experienced something totally different. Take it away, Don.

Don Grace III rants about Orlando Stardust Coffee

Here’s the acid washed shorts Don refers to.

Acid Wash Shorts


The story doesn’t end with Don. Check out what two of his friends also said about Stardust.

Stardust Rant 1

Stardust Rant 2


I got nothing to say.  As Stardust’s owner and I were always cool, I thought Don’s words deserve more exposure.




13 thoughts on “Epic Facebook Rant Annihilates Orlando Hipster Haven Stardust Video and Coffee

  1. I heard a lot about that place a fewyears ago but it didnt sound like my kind of people. I finally let a friend drag me out there and it waa disgusting! Trash spilling out the cans and left on tables from previous patrons. The whole place smelled old and soggy. I did Not eat or drink anything and after stepping in idk what instead sat in the car until he was ready to go. Never again.

  2. So don’t go. If you want great service, go to Fridays. Also, unless you’re some UCF brotastic flapping twat, probably stop throwing the word epic around just because it’s a shit day for publishing, k?? Stardust is what it is and their cocktails are great.


    -way more intelligent

    • Hey, Intelligence, you do know the blogger and Don Grace are two different people, don’t you? Thanx for the comment. As long as they don’t spam, I even allow comments from trolls hiding behind a fake profile.

      • The answer to your question is yes. That seemed too obvious to state, but here you are….

        As for the fake profile (wot??), used my last name and it’s not that fucking common. Did my darndest.

        Stardust cocktails still rule your asshole. That post and this blog “annihilates” jackshit. Don’t go. Get clever soon or GTFO.

      • “Stardust cocktails still rule your asshole.” Say what? You have knowledge of my asshole?

  3. Eh, Ok. When it comes to their service there’s nothing to argue about. It ranges from reluctant to sucks. Your asshole is probably real beautiful. Cheers.

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  5. Yes, this guy clearly deserves a waitress with a clean, shaven vagina that is not vegan.
    It’s appalling that she dare wear something that wasn’t even sexy in the 80’s!!! Of all eras…
    You don’t deserve to eat amongst the pee and the trash with your kinda class.
    Thank god the clean shaven women at Hooters wear spandex! Now that was sexy in the 80’s.

    • Just because he hates unshaven vegans, does not mean he enjoys Hooters. If you don’t like Hooter women? Fine. Still, I don’t like your elitist attitude as if you’re better than them.

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