6 Saturday Things to do in Orlando for May 23, 2015

Here are six things to do in Orlando for Saturday, May 23, 2015. One involves a march. Two are live entertainment. Another two are DJ nights. Plus one is a reading by a writer-in-residence.

1. March Against Monsanto: From 2PM to 6PM at City Hall, located 400 S Orange Ave.

March on Oralndo City Hall

Words from Facebook:

The fight for our food!!
Mission Statement: http://on.fb.me/10oCMRb

On May 23rd, 2015 millions of people across the world will stand together for the 3rd annual March Against Monsanto.

Our goal is to educate the citizens of Orlando about the adverse health effects associated with GMOs and expose Monsanto’s fraud and cronyism. We would like to inform the community about what they are putting in their bodies and encourage people to be the change they wish to see by supporting local farmers, voting with your dollar and growing your own food.

This is a peaceful march and family friendly event so don’t hesitate to bring the whole family!!

The event will begin at City Hall where we will rally and hear from guest speakers (see list below). Next we will march to Lake Eola and stop for a short break, then back to City Hall where we will conclude.

If anyone has extra suggestions please share them, this is an event for all of us and every voice matters. If you would like to help out in any way, please send us a private message or email mamorlando@yahoo.com. Thank you all!

PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND SHARE THIS EVENT. Help promote this event in any way you can. Thank you!!

Maya Fiallos – Monsanto: The Obstacle is the Path
Steve Moreau – Healing with a Non-GMO diet
Kimberly Wilcox – Chemical Sensitivity
Rep Rehwinkel Vasilinda – Labeling GMOs in FL
Jim & Jennifer Helvenston – Growing Food

WATER: Coolers will be set up at City Hall with water and organic tea donated by Dandelion Cafe.

SIGNS: There will be some markers and poster board available the day of the march. These are limited and are on a first come fist serve basis. Arrive early at 1PM if you would like to to take advantage of this, we will be there setting up. Please feel free to make your own signs beforehand as well. Don’t forget to WRITE BIG!!!

WHAT TO WEAR: Be creative but don’t forget to dress comfortably because it will most likely be hot the day of the march. Keep this in mind if you come dressed as a honey bee, butterfly, tomato, or in a hazmat suit.



You can use this FREE service for downtown

Here is a map of Parking in the area:

Here is a link to get some cheap Non-plastic water bottles:


Hey Monsanto what do you know?
We don’t want your GMOs!

What do we want?
When do we want it?

Hey Monsanto why so evil??
Stop feeding poison to the people!!

Hey hey ho ho, GMOs have got to go!!
Hey hey ho ho, Americans have a right to know!!

Hell No GMO
Hell No GMO

Power to the people!!!
Not the corporations!!!


2. Ciara Shuttleworth’s Farewell Reading: Starting 8PM at Kerouac House, located 1418 Clouser Ave.

Jack Kerouac House

Words from Facebook:

Please join us in saying a very fond farewell to our writer-in-residence Ciara Shuttleworth. She will be reading at about 8 p.m. at the Kerouac House, and doors will open at 7:30 p.m. You’re welcome to bring a snack or something to drink.


3. Dizzlephunk’s Album Release:  9PM to 2AM at St. Matthew’s Tavern at the Orlando Beer Garden, located 1300 N Mills Ave.

Dizzlephunk Album Release

Words from Facebook:

The #SpaceCowboy is launching into orbit with his #ALBUM and #VIDEO release May 23 at St. Matthew’s Tavern at the Orlando Beer Garden! This is a celebration as we send Dizzlephunk off for his VirginGalactic training!

Be sure to catch all the acts of SMASHINGTON 2015 Interactive Art And Music Festival as this will be the official pre party for SMASHINGTON 2015 Interactive Art And Music Festival.

Jambando is happening all day/evening at The Orlando Fringe Festival. Make sure you bring your friends from Fringe as this is the official afterparty

There is #NoCover and plenty of room to get down!

Sounds provided by:
Yve Illz Tbg
Hakim P Tafari

Featured performances of the evening:
Daniel Taylor
B True Brian
Anthony Townsky Diaz
Evan Taylor Jones
Phraydoe Peans
R.C. Mike and Setgang South
Uncle Sam’s Pride

Guest Appearance:
American Jesus

Shows I Go To
TheFamily GangShow


4. Rocket 88 and The Legendary JC’S: 8PM at Will’s Pub, located 1042 N Mills Ave.

Rocket 88 and The Legendary JC's at Will's Pub

Words from Facebook:

The rave-up rockabilly of Rocket 88 and the soul/funk/blues of the Legendary JC’s!

Two of Orlando’s most well established bands team up!

The joint will be jumpin’! Guaranteed!

Doors at 9, show starts at 10.


5. Memorial Sandwich – a memorial weekend party: Starts 10PM at Sandwich Bar, located 2432 E Robinson St.

memorial sandwich


Words from Facebook:

Memorial weekend is coming close and were throwing a shindig at this place so and we cordially invite you to join us Saturday May 23 at the one and only Sandwich Bar, for……..*drumroll*




There will be techno, deep house, tech house, all the hip shit that sounds good. Sandwich bar will be sandwich bar, a tight ass venue with a badass sound system, and the most authentic underground vibe you can get in orlando.
Time frame will be from 10:00 ish till we get kicked out, afterwards well probably stagger to some taco place and after party till we have exorcised all the demons.

No dress code, no cover for girls, 5 dollar cover for guys. It’ll probably be free to get in if you come before 11:30 or so

DJ line up

Skylar Williams

Mario Rosenthal

Danton Saunders

plus special guests,

So now you know, when the time comes , and you hear the call of the sandwich bar, that.s where we’ll be, may the good techno guide your way.


6. The Grand Opening with Miss Jennifer: 10PM to 3AM at Phoenix Underground, located 56 E Pine St.

Miss Jeniffer at Phoenix Underground

Words from Facebook:

We will have the best bass in Orlando. We will have the best choice of music. Our resident DJ direct from NYC is Miss Jennifer. Our goal is to please you. We are strictly 21 and up. We brought you Derrick May we are now bringing you a weekly saturday night to compete not with any club in Orlando but to compete with NYC or Los angeles.

To rsvp housemusic@orlando@gmail.com



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