Washington DC Weekly Posts Photo of White Guys for a Black Band

After seeing this fuckery, folks should lay off badmouthing both Orlando and Florida. Even Orlando couldn’t commit this sin. Matter of fact, don’t badmouth The South, either. Not after this shit.

First, I shall post something my buddy Ryan Pemberton found in a Washington DC weekly.  You might have to click on the pick to read the words under the band photo.
Death Pic


The history and bio was right. Yet, the photo is of the wrong damned band.

The band the article refers to looks like this:

A band called Death

Actually, they look like this now:

A band called Death older

This kind of shit makes me wanna call Al Sharpton. Yet, I won’t. I don’t think this was racist. Personally, I believe someone needs lessons on searching Google for images. Also, fire the editor.

To add more insult to injury, this crime was committed in predominately black Washington DC. The same town that birthed legendary, all-black, punk band Bad Brains.


I’ll say it again. I don’t want to hear no more badmouthing my Southern home in Florida.  Don’t badmouth Orlando. Don’t badmouth Florida.  Don’t even badmouth The South. Not after this shit.

Fuck it, let me get on my cell phone,

“Hello, is this Al Sharpton?”





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