Desperados, Tequila-Flavored Beer: A Review


The other day, I received a free sample of Desperados beer for blogging purposes. After seeing the words “desperados” and “tequila”, intrigue grabbed me. The booze looked potent. I started thinking of my amigos and I pillaging a Southwestern town (before a cigar–smoking Clint Eastwood saves the day, of course.) Everything about Desperados said, “No, don’t do it!” Because of that, I wanted to try it.

The tequila-flavored drink is 6 percent alcohol. In tequila barrels, lager is aged for a few months. Then, mixed with tequila and lemon flavors.

I received a six pack. I loved the spaghetti-western design.

After one night of cooling the six pack in the refrigerator, I sampled the goods. My first response? This stuff tastes nasty! So nasty, you may resist swallowing the rest of what’s already in your mouth. I guess that’s that what tequila tastes like. Yet, I recognized another taste. I just couldn’t pinpoint it. Also, as I called the taste nasty, I was still drinking Desperados. (As I type this very blog, I’m on my second bottle.)

Now, I know why I recognize the taste. Dutch company Heineken manufactures Desperados. Back in the day, I used to drink Heineken. Desperados is a nasty version of Heineken. The main differences are the lemon smell and yucky sweet taste. Still, it’s a Heineken all right. (Yet, by now, I’m on my third bottle.)

I think I know the exact crowd for Desperados. I refer to those who drink “acquired-taste” beer. As I don’t vision Desperados in a full liquor bar, I do vision beer and wine joints selling it, the typical hangout for “acquired-taste” beer drinkers.
Currently, Desperados sells in the Southeast. For over a decade, it sold in Europe. Living in Florida, I found it both in Winn Dixie and Publix. A six pack costs around ten bucks.

Most lager drinkers may not appreciate Desperados. Yet, for people who enjoy “acquired-taste” booze, this is definitely for you. To look hip, you can bring up it’s the fifth ranked beer in France.


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