Attorney John Morgan Buys Wally’s Patrons a Round

Photo by Jason Powell

Photo by Jason Powell

Last week, Attorney John Morgan visited Wally’s, one of Orlando’s oldest and best dive bars. Some friends and I were sitting at the end of the bar counter, near the bathrooms. John Morgan was with other attorneys.

After leaving the bathroom, he shook our hands.

“Hi, my name is John,” he said.

Then, he walked to his group.

After seeing his TV ads for years, I of course knew who he was. In 1988, John Morgan founded the firm Morgan and Morgan. The company’s belief always ran on “for the people,” and not big companies.

Recently, John Morgan supported the legalization of medicinal marijuana. This is what his website states, “According to John, the deeply personal cause is a step to not only provide safer pain relief and treatment methods for those with legitimate diseases, but also to help end the rampant problem of prescription drug abuse in Florida.”

On this night, he bought everyone booze. Not just a few folks. No, John bought the whole damned bar booze, and the place was already packed.

When someone said they were posting on Facebook, he told the person to tell folks he was buying rounds.

With my phone, I photographed a buddy with John Morgan.  Not a good pic.  Yet, here it goes.

John Morgan with Cyril CruzadaI don’t remember how long John Morgan stayed.  Yet, I think he and his group left around 12 AM.

Last time I saw a local celebrity lawyer in Wally’s, some folks weren’t to thrill to see him. I’m talking about Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s lawyer.  They didn’t say anything nasty to the guy as he chatted with a female companion. Some folks just didn’t appreciate his presence.

John Morgan, on the other hand, folks always love to see.



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