Feb. 13, Exciting Duo Hank and Cupcakes Performs at Will’s Pub

photo by Nate Kieser

photo by Nate Kieser

On February 13, exciting duo Hank and Cupcakes will be performing at Orlando’s Will’s Pub. Currently, they are touring the release of their album Ca$h 4 Gold. The duo is Brooklyn-based. Yet, was formed in Israel. Hank plays bass as Cupcakes sings and plays the drums. The two names own an interesting origin.  The name “Hank” references writer Charles “Hank” Bukowski and “Cupcakes” references one of his lovers.

As for the music?  As I sampled Cash 4 Gold, I found no genre to pigeonhole Hank and Cupcakes. One song goes 80’s new wave/ punk as in Bow Wow Wow, the song “Bat Your Eyelids”.  Another sounds country as in Johnny Cash, the song “Cocaina”. Then two other songs ride on the electro dance tip, the songs “Keep Going” and “I Don’t Want to See”. Overall, fuck genres and just listen to the damn good music.

Media more worthy than this humble blog blessed Hank and Cupcakes with good words. New York Post says funky fresh sounds. MTV.com says fresh new artist. What really impressed me was the shout out from Huffington Post. That’s because Huffington Post is one of my favorite media spots.

As they play Will’s Pub February 13, Hank and Cupcakes perform with AMFMS, Howling Midnight and Boylectric. Show starts at 9 PM and tickets are eight bucks.

Because I enjoyed the music on Ca$h 4 Gold, I recommend attending the show.


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