Thornton Park’s The Falcon: A Pleasingly Chilled Vibe

Every Friday and Saturday, before heading to my new nightclub photo job, I patronize The Falcon. The Falcon locates in Orlando’s Thornton Park district.

The Falcon

Usually, the atmosphere is chilled.  Some nights alternative music plays on the sound system. Other nights, house or downtempo electronica plays.

Later on in the evening, a band or DJ plays.  Yet, I’m usually gone by this time.

On the night after Christmas, I started attending The Falcon last year. The service has always been nice.

The Falcon counter

Drink menus are on the wall.

The Falcon bottles

The Falcon favorites

Also, if you wanna hook-up, a dating service is on the wall.  I saw mostly twenty-somethings.

The Falcoln analog dating

The Falcon analog dating

The pics are from the photo booth, a good thing because no one can fool you with ten year old pics.

The Falcon photobooth

Vending machines are by the photo booth.

The Falcoln vending machine

As The Falcon don’t serve food, advertising from nearby restaurants are placed in the bar.

The Falcon bathroom Anthony's pizza


The Falcon also hosts art.

The Falcoln art

Like I mentioned earlier, I come here every weekend. As I usually see twenty and thirty-somethings, older folks show up too. Hipster alert!  Yea, I see hipsters attending The Falcon. Still, not one has gotten on my bad side…yet!

Because of the pleasingly chilled vibe, I recommend The Falcon.


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