South Rail: Good Americana Music Visits Orlando’s Natura Coffee and Tea on January 30

Some days back, I received an e-mail from Ben Potok of South Rail, a cool Americana band from Washington DC. I was late opening the message. (My bad).

“The Americana Rock band South Rail is coming through Orlando at Natura Coffee and Tea on January 30.

You can hear the tunes streaming at our website:
South Rail’s latest album called “Stars” was released in May 2014 and is produced by Don Was. The tour, called “Take The Wheel” tour is the first ever completely crowd-sourced national tour, meaning we had fans from across the country help fund AND choose the locations of the shows, including Orlando! We are also stopping in Key West (1/31) and Gainesville (2/1) to play a pre-Superbowl party.
Read a review of the album and mention of the tour in this article that was featured on the No Depression website and as top story in their Friday newsletter and few weeks ago”.
Because I liked the music, I recommend witnessing South Rail.

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