Stardust Video and Coffee: A Cool Bohemian Spot

Last Saturday night, I drove to Orlando’s Stardust Video and Coffee.Main Counter in Stardust

Originally, after hearing good things about the place, I intended a night reserved for The Smiling Bison.  Yet, The Smiling Bison owns shitty parking.  Because I couldn’t find a parking space, I drove to Stardust.

I started patronizing Stardust back in 1999. VHS tape rentals filled one room. That room is now a dining area.


From what I was told, DVDs are still rented, explaining why the word “video” still exists in the store’s name.

I always thought Stardust as a hipster joint.  You might see a few.  Yet, that wasn’t the vibe I caught that night.  I witnessed mostly non-pretentious types enjoying each others company.

Stardust serves full liquor. At a bar counter, a friend sat next to me. As I drunk a three dollars and twenty cents Bud Light, my friend drunk a White Russian from a mason jar glass.  I didn’t get the price for the White Russian.

Our bartender with blue hair was nice.  I think her name was Christina.

On selves, used books are for sale.

Stardust Books for Sale


Also, the place owns a photo booth.

Stardust Photo Booth

A stage exists in the same dining room my friend and I were drinking.

Stardust stage

In recent years, I rarely attend Stardust.  This explains my used to seeing the stage in another room.

Entrance to other room

Now, instead of a stage, a bar counter is in that room.

Stardust Counter

From Monday to Friday, Stardust operates between 7 am to Midnight.  Saturdays and Sundays, the hours are 8 am to Midnight.  The location is 1842 East Winter Park Road.  From Mills Avenue, I usually turn on Virginia to get there.

For those who enjoy bohemian spots, I recommend a night at Stardust Video and Coffee.


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