Enjoying Nineties Hip Hop and Cheap Brew at Ollie’s Public House

Last night, I drove to Ollie’s Public House, located in Orlando’s College Park Section. Previously, I posted a nice blog about Ollie’s before.

Drinking one cheap Bud Light draft was tonight’s plan. Bud Light drafts are two-fifty.

As I arrived, I noticed what I thought was the evening’s entertainment packing up sound equipment. I sat at the bar counter.

90s hip hop played on the bar’s sound system. Also, most of the music was East Coast rappers.  Despite Orlando exists in the Dirty South, I enjoyed the music anyway,  Actually, as I nodded my head to the beats, I found the music relaxing.

As I started my first drink, Mos Def’s “Ms. Fat Booty” played.

First Beer at Orlando's Ollie's

A mixture of all ages patronized Ollie’s. Same goes for folks from different backgrounds.  I wouldn’t call it yuppie.  Yet, you won’t see the more edgier folks here: bikers, punkers, etc.

One beer turned into two. This time a Nas song was playing. I recognized the song but didn’t know the name.  Also, I noticed this was the n-word version, lyrics containing the n-word.

Second Beer at Orlando's Ollie's

Someone requested a group selfie. I was bad at it.  I wound up photographing the other two people and cut myself out.

Bad Selfie

Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip inspired me to buy drink number three.

I caught that ill vibe, Tip. (Word, Bust?) Yo, yo word…

Third Beer at Orlando's Ollie's

I decided number three was it!  No more!

Well, Wu-Tang came on. Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with.  So, along came drink four.

Fourth Beer at Orlando's Ollie's

Because the bar was soon closing, number four was it. No more.

Earlier, I mentioned the bar’s diversity.  Well, guess who gets kicked out? A yuppie white guy.

Because I always found Ollie’s service excellent, I couldn’t see the staff as instigators.  Yet, Yuppie Man called one of the bartenders an asshole. Now, the bartender was a big dude.  I’m six foot and weigh over two-forty.  Even I wouldn’t fuck with the bartender. Yet, Yuppie Man didn’t know enough to keep his mouth shut. So,as an Eric B. and Rakim tune played, Yuppie Man was told to leave.  He did as ordered.

What a night! 90s hip hop, cheap brew and seeing some idiot receiving his just desserts.  After all, I only planned to drink one beer and leave.

I rarely see a confrontation at Ollie’s. Most patrons and staff are somewhat laid-back and friendly, the main reasons why I keep coming back..


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