Beth’s Burger Bar: A place for real burger lovers

Late nights, after photographing a Downtown Orlando bar or nightclub, I usually patronize Beth’s Burger Bar.

beth's burger bar
After my arrival, I always find the restaurant busy. First, they take your order at the counter. I usually buy the Black-n-Blue, a burger topped with blue cheese. With a fountain drink, the price totals around eleven bucks. As this may be pricey for cheap folks like me, the burger and drink are usually worth it. Oh yea, I forgot to mention my order comes with fries.

Next, you either sit somewhere or stand near the counter waiting for your order. Some folks wait outside.

Because I usually dine-in, I find somewhere to sit. Tables and booths exist. Also, on your right, a patron can sit at a counter against the wall.

A jukebox plays upbeat music. Most of the times, the music is current.

When your order is ready, someone calls out your order’s number and brings it to you.

Characters from all walks of life dine at Beth’s Burger Bar, from nice folks to assholes. Still, a person would more than likely enjoy a nice experience.

From Sunday to Tuesday, Beth’s operates between 11 AM to 12 AM. Wednesday to Saturday, hours are 11 AM to 3 AM.

Staff is usually friendly. So far, no idiot gave me bad service..

After a night of photographing in Downtown Orlando, I shall return to Beth’s Burger Bar.


One thought on “Beth’s Burger Bar: A place for real burger lovers

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