Exciting Pics of Downtown Orlando’s Halloween 2014!

Hate Downtown Orlando or love it, few Orlando events top Downtown Orlando’s Halloween night.  Depending on time you arrive and where you park,  parking prices range from free to ten bucks. Still, Halloween night may be the only time downtown parking is worth the price.  Mostly on Orange Avenue, costume folks walk Downtown Orlando streets.

Boy, does this night attract huge amounts of people.  How huge? Check out the following pic photographed from Aero Rooftop Bar.

Photo by Cliff Tangredi AKA DJ Cliff T

Photo by Cliff Tangredi AKA DJ Cliff T

I didn’t do shit Halloween night.  Because I spent all my money on needed photo equipment, I was broke!  Yet, Facebook friends allowed my using their Downtown Orlando pics. (Actually, I didn’t ask Cliff T.  His friend Dawn sent me the pic.)

Orlando Weekly’s Ashley Belanger allowed usage of pics from their site. I had to promise to link back.

This blog post is still a work in progress.  If you own photos of Downtown Orlando Halloween 2014, send pics to patrickbarne@gmail.com.  I don’t care what it is.  It don’t have to be professional.  Plus the blog will give you photo credit.



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