Fun Twizted Lightning at Downtown Orlando’s Suite B

On October 18, I photographed Twizted Lightning, an event hosted by Amanda Makos.

Social Menace Manda

Hootie B


The event happened at Suite B Lounge, a Downtown Orlando spot.  Some folks wore Social Menace clothing and hats, one of the sponsors.

Suite B

Social Menace Manda and Dirty Water sponsored the event also.

Also, I’ll Kut You sold t-shirts.

I'll Kut You and Sara Jenkins

The night mixed EDM (the DJs) with hip hop (Da Gymini).

Da Gymini and Jaeger Boys provided live entertain.

Loren K Wilson, Da Gymini and Jay Johnson Banks

Gymini was once part of 69 Boyz, a 90s group known for the hit song “Tootsie Roll”.  Recently, Perez Lee of Social Menace directed Gymini’s video “Meet Me @ Da Bar”.

Not only was the group  great performers, they were also nice guys. They mingled and posed with patrons for photos.

They are also sponsored by Jaegermeister.

Jay Johnson Banks, Da Gymini and Loren K Wilson

Corey James passed out iK Multimedia products.


Perez Lee, Rodney L. Aquino, Rodney Luis Aquino, Jay Johnson Banks, Loren K Wilson and Da Gymini

Through out the evening, folks enjoyed themselves.  I recommend attending future events hosted by Amanda Makos.  Another is scheduled for November 21 at Suite B Lounge.


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