Orlando’s Theater Downtown Closing Soon

Just got wind another, favorite, Orlando spot is closing. Actually, I hadn’t set foot into this place since 2001. I’m referring to Theater Downtown.

Florida Hospital, the property owner, canceled the twenty-five year old theater’s lease.  The final day is December 31, 2014.

The closing definitely hits a personal spot. Back in February 1993, Theater Downtown produced my first play “Blades”.

Theater Downtown

I was twenty-three at the time.

Here’s the program.

Blades program

Blades centered around the death of a juvenile corrections inmate.  Due to non-politically correct words and profanity, black people told me the play wasn’t going to get produced.

I love proving folks wrong.

Here’s the front of the post card.  The image of a guy in shades sporting a backwards cap was my idea.  Even before I even finished writing the play itself, I already drew the image I wanted for the flyer.

Blades front

Here’s the back, warning about profanity and sexual situations.

Blades back

As for the sexual situations, two black inmates insinuates sexually assaulting a white inmate.  Oh yea, the opening scene shows the murdered inmate who had also been sodomized.

(Thinking about it now, I can’t believe I wrote some shit like that.)

Because I was a local,  Orlando Sentinel’s Elizabeth Maupin interviewed me.

Orlando Sentinel Article Theater Downtown's Blades Patrick

In her review of the play, she felt it had potential.  Yet, it lacked in some parts.

In later years, two more full length plays were directed.

The Pure Forms of Anger

The Pure Forms of Anger

Drinkin’ Buddies

Drinking Buddies program

I’ll miss seeing Theater Downtown.





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