A Closing Peacock Room and Florida Liquor License

The Peacock Room Orlando

Last Saturday night in Orlando’s Milk District, I kept hearing the words “liquor license”.  Also, I saw the words posted on Facebook. Why those words popped up recently?  The Peacock Room, one of my favorite drinking spots, may be closing. The Peacock Room thrives in the Mills 50 District.

Saturday night, those with “inside information” talked scarcity of full liquor licenses. Florida Law allows liquor licenses according to an area’s population. As the population increases, the more licenses allowed.

Gaining a liquor license happens two main ways. First is the quota license, intended for liquor-only establishments. Quotas are offered once a year during a lottery. Second is something called SRX, intended for restaurants. For SRX, more than fifty-one percent of a restaurant’s sales must be non-alcoholic.

Those with “inside information” said The Peacock Room’s buyer or buyers is after the liquor license. This because of liquor license scarcity.

Remembering personal past incidents, I always suspect most “insiders” to be full of shit, folks who enjoy running off at the mouth on things they lack knowledge off. Many times, I found “inside knowledge” false. Still, who knows?  “Insiders” may be right this time. Yet, the real positive thing out of this? If it weren’t for “insiders”, I wouldn’t have thought about Florida liquor license laws. Just like many readers of this blog post, I now possess new knowledge on the subject.

UPDATE: I have just been informed of Florida’s 4Cop License. This pertains to establishments selling booze for both both on-site and off-site purposes, places like Wally’s. Just like the quota, 4Cop is gained through an annual lottery,


4 thoughts on “A Closing Peacock Room and Florida Liquor License

  1. In the past liquor licenses were permanently attached to a building/address. So if you sold the building, or leased to a new tenant, that building/future business would almost always be a bar afterwards as the license could not be ported to a new location. This is why years ago bars would mysteriously catch fire..because the only way to take the license from that location was to have the building demolished. That law has been changed more recently, and yes..there is a very limited supply of liquor licenses, so that is a very possible theory. People will now pay big money for a business for the sole purpose of taking the license from an existing business, instead of waiting for the lottery..that can take several years to actually obtain your license. I haven’t talked to anyone at Peacock Room personally, however this would be very plausible.

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