Orlando Enjoys Miami’s Speakerbox Productions

Last Friday night, Miami’s Speakerbox Productions traveled to Orlando’s Sandwich Bar.
Speakerbox Productions

Performing throughout Miami, Speakerbox Productions party on boats, private islands and in nightclubs.

At Sandwich Bar, dance and house music played through the whole evening.

First, Orlando’s Lola B. manned the decks.

Lola B

Next, Orlando’s Atnarko Bear.

Atnarko Bear

Sometime during the evening, Rob Slac handed me a CD named Ten Years of Chillin Music, a compilation of house music artists.

Chillin Music 10 Years

Also, Fabio Braga handed me a USB Memory of cool house music.

Fabio Braga's USB Memory Drive

Next, Speakerbox’s Atom Yard manned the decks.

Atom Yard

Ending the night was Speakebox’s Kike Roldan.

Kike Roldan at Orlando's Sandwich Bar

As with most Sandwich Bar nights, people enjoyed themselves and the vibe remained positive.  For those seeking house music free from Downtown Orlando, I recommend attending nights at the Sandwich Bar, located in Orlando’s Milk District.

Also, if you’re ever in Miami, seek out Speakerbox Productions.  A good time is promised.


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