Aquatic Bass 3: An Exciting Day of Bikinis and Bass

Last Saturday marked a date I shall never forget. Riding with Joe Vaught, I attended Aquatic Bass 3.

Aquatic Bass 3 Flyer

Organized by Corey James and Jason Brown, Aquatic Bass 3 hosted a line-up of Florida DJs. These DJs  mostly played Florida Breaks music.  This event happened at Orlando’s Monumental Hotel.

Previous days of rainy weather caused me low expectations. I imagined the whole day pouring rain.

It even rained the morning of the event.  One guy began posting negativity on the Aquatic Bass 3 Facebook page, telling the organizers to cancel the event. Responding to the post, Corey basically told the motherfucker to keep his negative ass home.

To calm everyone’s fears about the weather, Corey posted a radar pic showing the rain was blowing over.

My Radar Map

At the event, I planned on documenting just like I did last time. Yet, I wound up being the main photographer for the day.

Just like the radar pic indicated, the rain blew over. Sunshine arrived.

Right along with the event, Amy Noon celebrated her birthday.

Amy Marie Noon - The Birthday Girl

As time passed, more and more folks showed up.

If there were any douche bags at the event, it was probably me.  Why?  Because of pics like this. (I asked permission.)

Back view

Keep in mind, the event is a family event.  Folks bring their kids as the DJs offer the best in breaks and other dance music.  In fact, JG$ played the radio-friendly version of 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny”.

Like last time, the whole vibe proved friendly.  Also, new faces appeared.

One of my personal highlights was seeing Spice of Friction and Spice perform with Jason Brown.   For years, I listened to Friction and Spice’s “Step Into My Dreams”, a song included on a compilation CD released in the 1990’s.

(Later on in the week, I found out Jason Brown had a prior history with water.  He and Robert Millward, a photographer who occasionally contributes to this blog, both worked at the Wet N Wild theme park.)

Another event might be planned.  I’m going. So should you, dear reader.


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