Witnessing Casey Anthony Lawyer, Jose Baez, at Orlando’s Wally’s


Earlier tonight, two friends and I were boozing at Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquors, a spot located in Orlando’s Mills 50 district. At the bar counter, I was boozing with “Yoda” and Mike. Yoda is a forty-something Filipino-American. His cigar smoking gives the appearance of an Asian Mafioso. Mike is half-Italian and half-Polish, and his youthful looks betray his late forties age. You would think Mike was ten years younger.

I talked to other folks that night too. One was a buddy named Johnny Diggz. Some Orlando folks may recognize Johnny as a musician from Red Fox Lounge. Also, along with Johnny, I talked with a Mexican-American woman and her blonde friend.

Next, I noticed a forty-something Latino guy enter the bar with a dark-skinned woman who appeared of East Indian descent. I’m bad with age. I guessed the woman around late twenties to early thirties. Later on, Mike thought she might have been older.

As the two sat at the bar counter, the Latino guy smiled a I’m-gonna-get-laid-smile.

Patrick, a regular, walked over to us. Just like the Dougs in the movie “Hangover”, Patrick is White Patrick and I’m Black Patrick. Just like Black Doug, y’all better watch that shit when you say it around me.

“That’s the Casey Anthony lawyer,” Patrick said in his deep Southern drawl.

“What?” I answered.

I looked at the Latino guy. As him and his date stood at the jukebox, he was putting in money.

“That’s…” I started.

Yoda held a finger to his lips, signaling me to keep my drunken big mouth shut.

Yep, it was Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s defense lawyer.

Patrick kept mumbling negative about him.

“He was just doing his job, man,” I told Patrick. “One day, you might need him on your side.”

“I just want to give him my opinion,” Patrick said.

“Just let it go, dawg.”

Johnny Diggs left.

Earlier, Mike had picked some music on the jukebox. So, when Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover” came on, I asked Mike did he pick it.

Nope, we realized Jose may have picked the song. That’s why I hate those Internet jukeboxes. For another credit, you can skip other songs waiting to be played. Tonight, Mike may have owned the privilege of having his songs skipped by the infamous Jose Baez. Damn, Jose even did it with a Mariah Carey song.

The blonde I met earlier spoke up.

“Mariah Carey is a one tap wonder,” she said. “You tap her until she hits her high note and leave.”

As his date was drinking a mixed drink, Jose drunk a Heineken.

Normally, here in Wallys’, we would see local, big-time lawyer John Morgan. Tonight, we witnessed the infamous Jose Baez scamming for some pussy.

“Wait until I tell my mother this,” I told my friends. “My mother can’t stand his ass.”

We didn’t stay much longer. As usual, Mike had drove Yoda and I here. Because he had to soon leave, Yoda and I had to leave also.

Yoda and Mike paid the tab. As usual, I was broke. Then, before we exited, I shook Patrick’s hand.

“Tell your mama who you saw tonight,” he said.

I laughed.

“I will, bro,” I said.


2 thoughts on “Witnessing Casey Anthony Lawyer, Jose Baez, at Orlando’s Wally’s

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