Orlando’s St. Matthew’s Tavern: Friendly Service and Decent Drink Prices

Last night, I drove to St. Matthew’s Tavern, a bar located in Orlando’s Mills 50 district.

St. Mathew's Tavern Entrance

Mondays through Friday, the place operates 4 PM to 2 AM.  Saturday and Sunday, it operates 1 PM to 2 AM.

Church service happens on Sundays.  Yep, you read it right.  Sunday mornings, church services happen.

Right along with with happy hours, St. Matthews displays drink specials for different nights.

St. Mathew's Tavern Happy Hour

St Mathew's Tavern Drink Specials

Most of St. Matthew’s crowd were casually dressed.  The crowd also contained a mixture of age groups.

Bar Counter at St. Mathew's Tavern

At a table, some folks played what I assumed was poker.

Meka was my server. She recommended the three dollar spiced rum, a drink handing me a buzz lasting all night.


I patronized St. Matthew’s before.  Just like Meka was tonight, the bartender was nice then also.

I failed to mention an Internet Jukebox played. (I hate those fucking things. Yet, that’s another story.)

Towards the back exists a big screen television.  I saw video game controllers nearby. (On a table I think.)  In this same area, electronic dart games take place.

Outside exists a patio, the beer garden. Patio furniture exists for those craving outside air along with their booze. Tribal masks hang on palm trees.  Also, a pool table exists nearby.

St, Mathew's Tavern Patio Pool Table

Earlier, I mentioned patronizing the bar before. One Sunday night, St. Matthew’s was the only Mills 50 bar containing a decent crowd.  Folks were singing along to songs the jukebox played, mostly 80’s and 90’s music.

I wouldn’t recommend St. Matthew’s as a pick-up bar, a good thing.  Yet, I recommend St. Matthew’s for the laid-back atmosphere, friendly customer service and decent drink prices.



2 thoughts on “Orlando’s St. Matthew’s Tavern: Friendly Service and Decent Drink Prices

  1. Nice review, but what’s up with not using the word “is”?

    I like St. Matthews as a relaxed bar to hang out and socialize. Are there any plans to switch to non-smoking now that the beer garden is in swing? There’s a dearth of gay-ish bars that are non-smoking. :/

    • The reason I avoid “is” is because the word is passive. My overuse of “exists” was intended to show action. I don’t know about non-smoking. Thanx for the comment.

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