Progress featuring Vicious Vic and D-Xtreme at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Last Saturday night, Joe Vaught and I attended Progress, a house music event hosted by Orlando’s The Peacock Room.

Progress Flyer: Vicious Vic and DJ D-Xtreme

When we arrived, Renato Guirao manned the decks, a job performed well.  Some of the few patrons danced.

Speaking of the word “few”, for the whole evening, attendance wasn’t much to brag about.  Giving the event a chance, many folks would have enjoyed the DJ lineup. Oh well, shit happens.

Next on the decks, DJ D-Xtreme performed.  Back in 1997, covering Orlando’s underground dance scene, Rolling Stone Magazine interviewed D-Xtreme.

After 15 years of not releasing music, along with singer Katharina Santana, D-Xtreme released “Feel My Love”.    The song currently charts number eleven on Beatport’s Breaks Chart.

DJ D-Xtreme on Beatport

Next up? Vicious Vic from New York.  Currently, Vic is the general manager for Uprise Music.  Also, he once remixed one of Joe’s songs.

Despite the small crowd, people still had fun.  When one of these DJs invade your town, I recommend attending their event.  You won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “Progress featuring Vicious Vic and D-Xtreme at Orlando’s Peacock Room

  1. Hey Brother….Thanks for the write up:)

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