Birthday Pajama Party at Orlando’s Peacock Room

Last Thursday night, I DJed a birthday pajama party at Orlando’s Peacock Room.

Pajama Patry Advertisment with Kid from House Party

Local actress Trenell Mooring was celebrating age 40.

Trenell Mooring

All night, I played mostly 90s rap and soul.

Wu-Tang Clan's Protect Ya Neck on Virtual DJ

A touch of grunge was added too. Also, despite the 90’s theme, the song “Cupid Shuffle” was requested, a song released in 2007.

Cupid Shuffle

Truth be known, it’s been over a year since I DJed.  Last month, an opportunity for a house party opened.  Yet, I couldn’t make it.

This night, I did something different.  I noticed other DJs doing this.  Tonight, unlike past gigs, most of my playlist was on a USB memory stick.

Datastick containing DJ playlist

If my laptop misbehaved or broke, I could have easily slipped my USB memory stick into the bar’s laptop, and still kept the party going.

Luckily, my night went smooth.

Laptop, Bud Light and Virtual DJ

I received a few requests. Yet, not many. That’s just how I like it. People making requests over and over all night annoy me. I’m not a damned jukebox! Folks who attempt telling me how to DJ annoy me too.

I didn’t see many people. Yet, folks did show up.  I’ve had worse nights with only two people attending. This night some of my own friends showed up too.

I usually enjoy theme parties involving “costumes”. This birthday pajama party was no different. I enjoyed it also.



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