We Have The Technology’s TRU WAV: A Review

we have the technology cassette

We Have The Technology TRU WAV reminds the masses of techno’s funk and soul past, a past almost erased from today’s EDM music. First on Side A (the album is released on cassette), “Welcome” rolls retro-synthesizer sounds into your ear, sounds popular from the 80’s. The song promises a funkier version of Tron or Bladerunner.

Speaking of funk, Side A plays a huge homage to Detroit Techno. At least, it borrows heavily from the soul and funk associated with the Detroit sound. “NVR Let You Down” contains soul singing vocals promising to never let you down. “Higher” contains soul vocals one would hear in house music. Yet, the beats remain techno. “Nothing Better (Only You)” brings back the 90s. Why I say 90s? A sinister bass line slithers over the beat. Yet, there’s a part where the bass line is the only thing you hear. Usually, parts like this are when mist fogs the dance floor, just like it did in the 90’s.

Most of Side B rides on 80’s rhythm and blues. As you hear futuristic sounds, strains of r&b coexist. “Cyberpunk” contains synths over beats one would hear in early rap music. Actually, it reminds an old school person of the soulful rap song “I Need You” by BVMSP. “LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE [OG Mix]” contains male vocals spelling the word “love” the same way the title song does. Egyptian Lover would be proud. “Rain” contains vocals that remain in your head for a long time. A video version of “Rain” exists on YouTube. “Girl I Wanna Be Girl” contains The Amen Beat, a beat associated with 90’s jungle music. As I mention that, the song also contains other beats resembling Florida’s version of break beat music. The album nicely ends with “LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE [NU Mix]”, a sped up version containing 808 booming bass.

TRU WAV can be purchased from Illuminated Paths’ catalog. I highly recommend it.



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