Live Lewd Girls: Dirty Stories for Charity 3

Last Thursday Night at Orlando’s Peacock Room, Live Lewd Girls returned for another erotic reading series, a series raising money for charity.

Cleavage-Minerva Quaintrelle, Belladiva Bonesaw, Whitney Morgan and Jessie Grey-SummersThis month it was Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. As folks paid five bucks at the door, a hat was passed around raising money for Florida Little Dog Rescue.

As usual, the night was hosted by Belladiva Bonesaw.

Belladiva Bonesaw

First up was Heather Lyles.

Heather Lyles

Actually, she was a last minute replacement. Commissioner Patty Sheehan was supposed to perform. Something came up,. So, she couldn’t make it.

So, instead,we were blessed with Heather’s wonderful reading of “Rainy Days”. This involved sex inside the gym of a nun covenant.

Next was Jessie Grey-Summers.

Jessie Grey-Summers

Jessie read “A Geek in My Closet” by Daryl Vickers, a story involving a woman seducing a nerdy geek.

Next reader was Minerva Quaintrelle.

Minerva Quaintrelle

I didn’t catch the title. Yet, as usual, Minerva read this steamy story quite well.

Next was porn star Whitney Morgan.

Whitney Morgan

Miss Morgan read an interracial fisting story written by mad word master Mark Parchman. Name of the story? Deep Inside the Pussy Pit. Two women seduce a black woman named Abby.

Last reader was Belladiva Bonesaw.

Belladiva Bonesaw Reading

Her story was an excerpt from the novel Fresh Flesh. Written in steampunk-style, this version of Dracula involves all the main characters as women.  Belladiva read a section containing two women brutalizing a farm girl.

I enjoyed this reading series better than the last one, fewer readers and less time on the stage. Plus all of the women were excellent readers.

Next month’s reading series is already scheduled.  I’ll be there.







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