Two Saturday nights ago, I attended a grindcore event hosted by Ryan Pemberton.

Department of Correction, Budd Dwyer, God Harvest, Budd Dwyer

Because I kept kept seeing the word “grind”, I assumed all bands fell under that genre.   Because I didn’t see any faces painted white and black, I assumed one particular genre was definitely out.

If anything, when you attend any “metal” show in a small bar, wear fuckin’ earplugs!

I caught the tail end of Thomas Hewitt.

After that thrilling experience, Budd Dwyer played.

A drummer and a guitarist.  That was it.  Yet, the crowd really got into it.

Next, entered France’s Department of Correction.

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t know if they were speaking English or French.  Because I didn’t know what the American guys were saying either, it didn’t matter. The crowd and I still enjoyed Department of Correction.

Next came God Harvest.

Remember when I mentioned earplugs?  Picture this.  I’m six foot.  When you witness a band bringing in speakers nearly as tall as I am, you know your ears might be in trouble.

God Harvest is an excellent band.  Yet, the sound level was ridiculous. It wasn’t as if I didn’t appreciate the music.  Yet, in order for folks to appreciate the music itself, lower the sound, fellas.

On the whole, I enjoyed the show.  Ryan Pemberton holds  a fine taste in finding talent.  His shows are worth the money.


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