See? Told You Downtown Orlando’s Image was Shitty

A night at Beth's Burgers.

Knocked out at Beth’s Burgers.


Recently, Orlando Sentinel mentioned Downtown Orlando’s image problem. This arrives after recent violence in Downtown Orlando. When a cop’s stray bullet killed a bar patron, Orlando Culture Shock gained an eye witness account.

Yet, here’s the deal.  Yours Truly previously mentioned Downtown Orlando’s image problem.  After seeing many nasty Facebook posts, I asked people what they hated about Downtown Orlando.  The number one complaint?  Douche bags!  Still, it didn’t occur to me douche bags include cops too.  I don’t see how it didn’t.  Yet, it happened.

After my blog about Downtown Orlando, check out the following statement.  This happened after a friend reposted my blog on Facebook.

Parker Sketch

Being stabbed by a nightclub patron doesn’t appeal to me.  Nor does being shot by a cop’s stray bullet.  As for cover prices, many people in this low-wage paying town can’t afford them.  Also, the cover prices at some spots aren’t even worth it.   So, I prefer joining the Whiny Baby Club.  At least there, I won’t get killed and/or ripped off.

Most of the time, this blog focuses on the positive. Yet, there exists times when the ugly needs attention.  When the ugly appears, this blog steps up to the batter’s plate.  If someone don’t like it, Orlando Culture Shock don’t give a fuck.

The Orlando Sentinel proved what the blog previously mentioned. Downtown Orlando has a shitty image.  See, I told you.


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