Orlando Cop’s Stray Bullet Kills Bar Patron: An Eye Witness Account


Last Tuesday morning,  23 year old Kody Roach caused a disturbance at Vixen, a Downtown Orlando nightclub.  After flashing a gun, he was kicked out. Police were called and arrived on the scene.

Officer Eduardo Sanguino fired nine rounds outside the bar. Some bullets hit Kody Roach.  Officer Frank Nunez was struck also.  One stray bullet hit and killed Maria Fernanda Godinez, a 22 year old bar patron.

The following is an eye witness account by Geoffrey Rivera.

It was a hip hop night at Vixen. The place was pretty packed for a Monday night.

I met up with a couple of friends. As I got there, the guy was in the process of getting kicked out. The bartender hopped over the bar with the bar back. And one of my friends helped push this guy out, not realizing he had a gun on him.

Apparently, he’s been flashing his gun all night to customers. And he flashed it to the bartender and that’s what led to him being thrown out.

The guy was wearing like a regular wife beater shirt. It was a white guy. He definitely looked like a junkie pill head. And was way, way drunk over the limit. And was just being straight belligerent.

The bartender and the bar back kicked him out. And a couple of people helped. They shut the door and called the police. They let the police know he had a gun on him.

At this time, I didn’t even realize he even had a gun until they started talking about it.

The police showed up maybe two or three minutes into it. Apparently, they gunned him down.

I thought the bullet was from him, the guy who got kicked out. The bullet went into the door. The girl who was standing behind me was the one who got shot. And she just dropped.

Everybody ran to the back.

Me and another guy stayed behind. And one of the bar backs or bartenders opened up the back door, which I didn’t even realize there was a back door. Everybody I was there with all ran out through the back door. And me and one of the other guys stayed there.

Police finally kicked in the door.

I helped the guy roll over the body. He apparently was a friend of hers. He was trying to check her pulse. She was pretty much dead. From us, it appeared she was shot in the face.

Then I proceeded to find my friends. I called every single one of them up to see if they were okay. And they were all at a different bar drinking.

That’s real.

photo credit: RW PhotoBug via photopin cc


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