Orlando’s The Hideaway Bar: Great Food and Great Service!

The Hideaway Bar

Last Saturday night, when I drove to The Hideaway Bar, business seemed booming. On the front patio, folks watched football games on big screen televisions. Almost every table contained people.

Inside, business appeared booming also. People played pool. Some chatted with friends. Others watched the games on the televisions. Speaking of friends, I ran across some I hadn’t seen in awhile.

The Hideaway Bar Crowd

The Hidaway Bar Orlando

As I ordered my three dollar, Bud Light draft, I was treated with a friendly hello.

The Hideaway exists on Virginia Drive in Orlando. Monday thru Saturdays, the hours are 7am to 2am. Sundays are 9am to 2am. As they serve booze, the place also serves food. After eating wings and hamburgers here before, I never found a complaint with the food.

This mural by Andrew Spear (or something like it) is also on The Hideaway's menus.

This mural by Andrew Spear (or something like it) is also on The Hideaway’s menus.


As most folks appear over thirty, a mixture of all ages attends The Hideaway Bar. Usually, you’ll find the t-shirt and ball cap crowd.

Plus The Hideaway Bar is a Miami Dolphin’s hangout. A neon Miami Dolphin sign is on one of the walls.

A jukebox exists near a far corner. Yet, during football games, the jukebox is turned off.

As I didn’t see people smoking, I did see ashtrays.

I don’t ever remember having problems at The Hideaway. Either people are nice or mind their own business, just the kind of bar I like.

I’ll be going back again.


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