Should You Always Support Locally Owned Bars?

Icehouse BucketImagine yourself patronizing a local bar. Your belief in supporting locally owned businesses brings you here. Yet, you notice the bar don’t appreciate your money. At least, that’s how it appeared to you. Why did the bartender card you and not other patrons? It isn’t as if you look eighteen. Right now, you look at least thirty. Plus why does the bartender seem friendlier to other patrons?

Now, you’re in another bar. Not a locally owned bar. This bar is part of a chain owning bars all over the South. (With some folks, it may be the West, North-East, Mid-West, etc.) The money made here floats to a headquarters located out of state.

Yet, the chain bar seems to appreciate your money. The bartenders smile and show you the same respect they show other patrons. Plus the domestic drafts are cheaper. You remember one locally owned spot charging four dollars for a domestic draft. Another thing? The chain bar is a short distance away. It takes you five minutes to drive there. The spot that carded you lives across town, a twenty minute drive.

Despite your beliefs in supporting locally owned businesses, which bar would you continue patronizing?

Imagine another situation with a locally owned bar. You can’t stand one of the bartenders. The person hands you attitude every time you patronize the bar. You then find out other people have problems with the same bartender. Yet, after many complaints, the owner never fires the bartender.

Now, you’re at a chain bar. You and other people complain about a problem bartender. The manager doesn’t fire the person. So, you and other people write corporate headquarters. Next thing you know, both the bartender and manager are no longer working at the bar.

Again, you believe in supporting locally owned businesses. Yet, which bar would you continue patronizing?

One more situation. At this locally owned bar, you notice patrons staring at you. Why? Who the fuck knows. True enough, the booze may be cheaper. Still, is cheap booze worth all this bullshit?

Now, we’re at a chain bar. Anyone staring at you in this spot? Nope. Plus the booze here is cheap too.

As you still believe in supporting locally owned businesses, which bar would you continue patronizing?

Some locally owned bars are decent. Some aren’t. Same with chain bars. Still, when these situations pop up, is it still wise to always support locally owned bars?


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