Relieving Stress at Ker’s WingHouse

WingHouse bar counterLast night (Friday), my buddy Joe Vaught drove us to a local Ker’s Wing House. In 1994, the first WingHouse opened in Largo, Florida. Founder Crawford Ker is a former football player from the University of Florida, Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos. The Orlando WingHouse we patronized is located on Orange Blossom Trail near John Young.

Earlier in the week, Joe and I planned another Friday night destination, a nightspot hosting DJs every weekend. Yet, due to Joe’s stressful day at work, we headed for cheap booze and female eye candy.

When we reached the place, I immediately noticed the sign. The “house” in WingHouse was not lit up.

WingHouse sign

We sat at a table first. Yet, because it took too damned long for our server to bring us our draft beer, we sat at the bar counter. Laurel was our nice bartender.Laurel from WingHouse

Laurel's Crazy FaceAs I write this, I now vision some folks getting their panties all twisted. Yes, the food is unhealthy. Yes, chain restaurants and bars put local bars out of business. Yet, here’s the plus side: no fucking hipsters were there.

Another plus? In this spot, you see a mixture of ages, social backgrounds and races. It wasn’t as if the patrons were friendly. Yet, they didn’t cause problems, either. I’m sorry, there’s only so much I can take of rude twenty-somethings bringing their drama into a bar.

One more thing, some of the servers were women of color. At least two of them looked Hispanic.

Monday through Friday, a Happy Hour happens twice a day. One happens between 4PM to 8PM. The other happens between 10PM to Close. After drinking ten draft beers, the tab was twelve dollars and some change. Oh yea, let me remind you we were drinking Bud Light, a domestic.

Joe’s stress melted away. Don’t get me wrong. I support local bars. Still, for some people, there are some things local bars can’t provide. (I’ll just let that last statement hang there.)

Joe and I plan to come back.


3 thoughts on “Relieving Stress at Ker’s WingHouse

  1. This Winghouse location has been there for over ten years. The main reason I love working there is because it has a local, neighborhood bar “where everybody knows your name” feel. The regulars live nearby and have been coming since the place opened. So even if Winghouse is a chain it is still very much a local bar and next time I see you guys I’ll do my best to remember your names. 🙂

  2. Thanks Laurel, hope to see you next time we grow toward that way

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